(12 Pack) Arishine Baby Corner Protectors with 3M Adhesive, Anti-Collision Cushion against Sharp Furniture Edges

July 27, 2017 - Comment
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Millions of American parents worried about a safe and hazard-free home for their children. Don’t risk it when it comes to your child’s safety! Free of harmful materials Fast and easy to install.


Water says:

Extremely useful for protecting babies I found this extremely useful to protect my babies. They always bump into things and I feel very uncomfortable and scared if they got hurt or not.However, these corner protectors i brought was sturdy and extremely thick. And I felt it was really soft too. I would recommend this product to anybody who want to protect their babies from any type of corner bumps

Jamie says:

Good product Overall a really good investment, If you have kids or just adults who constantly bang into things in small cramped space.You lucky on this item.only negative is that our toddler likes to pull it off the tables but the stickiness is strong enough that we can just put it back on

Henrik says:

Great prodict My wife likes that the corner guards are clear and easy to apply. our girl got a little redhead running around my house all day, and she is full of life and constantly running into the corners of our coffee table while playing with the dogs. she still runs into the table corners, but instead of walking away with cuts and tears, she walks away with a few minor bruises.

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