A.N.S Baby Safety Locks | Child Proof Adjustable Cabinets Safety Locks, Drawers, Appliances, Toilet Seat, Fridge, Oven and more… | No Drilling | Uses 3M Adhesive 6 pack.

August 10, 2017 - Comment
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– Adjustable-length, adhesive child safety locks quickly and easily secure cabinets, doors, windows & appliances.
– Every parent knows that keeping an active toddler safe is a full-time job. They’re always on the move, and when everything is a brand-new experience, it’s difficult to keep curious fingers out of drawers and cabinets.
These universal safety locks from A.N.S make it easy for you to keep your little ones safe from harm. The adhesive backing means there’s no need to wrestle with unattractive, clumsy U-shaped locks, and installation is very fast. Best of all, though, the patented design lets grownups release the latch with one hand, while still keeping your babies safe.
– Stylish design looks great with every decor.
– Genuine 3M adhesive – no drilling or screws required.
– Adjustable length fits practically every application
– Simple, one-hand operation makes it easy for adults to unlatch.
– Makes a great gift for new moms.
Keep curious kids and pets safe from household dangers. Hit the “Add to Cart” button and order your A.N.S child safety locks today.

Product Features

    NE LOCK: Securely shut your cabinets, toilets, trash cans, pet food containers & more.
    KEEP YOUR BABY away from all the dangers in your home.
    INSTALLS IN MINUTES WITH ULTRA STRONG 3M ADHESIVE: proof your home in minutes without tools or damage your furniture.
    THE PERFECT SOLUTION for apartments or rentals.
    100% MONEY BACK WARRANTY. 30-day money back warranty!
    PEACE OF MIND IS ONLY A CLICK AWAY: BE SMART & Add to your cart now!


Claudia meneses says:

Good alternative to pricier options So far it it working. It brings a small manual as to how to install the lock and it has 2 options to do it which is nice. It took me like 5 minutes to figure out how to easily open and close pulling out the strap but find if you hold the strap outward like I do on the picture it is easy to fasten and to unfasten it

Angela Bone says:

These are really great safety locks These are really great safety locks. I have purchased many different baby safety locks and none of them were like this. I love the way they attach and the quality of the material they are made from. The price is also great .

Shae Patton says:

Child safety locks If you new child safety locks that gets the job done, I would recommend these! My toddler pulls and jerks our cabinet doors open all the time! You will be surprised how strong he actually is!!! We had safety locks on them before, but they broke due to the roughness they had endured! These have already endured the toddler life and they stay put!!! They haven’t broke or peeled! The seller of these products was very nice as well! That’s always a plus! It didn’t take long for him to ship the…

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