Adoric 8 Pack Baby Safety Locks for Cabinet, U Shaped Sliding Cabinet Locks, Childproof Cabinet Latch for Kitchen, Knobs and Handles (White)

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Parental Peace Of Mind
Our child safety cabinet locks have an adjustable long U-shaped design to work well with mushroom-shaped knobs and D-shaped handles. This makes it easy to baby
proof coffee table doors, media consoles, and closets in your living room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. They will also keep curious and cunning cats
from opening cabinets and getting into mischief!

Simple & Effective
The sliding mechanism is thin enough to fit under knobs for a nice snug fit. To remove, simply pinch the two buttons together with your fingers and slide it off.
Since there are no magnets, drilling, or tape needed, no marks are left behind to damage the finish of your cabinets. Our convenient four-pack can
be used and reused for multiple cabinet doors throughout your home.

Warm Tips
1. If the distance between two door handles is over 4.5 inches, the door CANNOT be locked by our baby cabinet locks.
2. The use instruction is printed on the wrapping, please read it carefully to help you use the locks in a right way.

Material: ABS
Color: White
Adjustable length: 5 inches

What You Get
8 x Sliding Cabinet Locks
1 Year Warranty

Product Features

  • LOCKS WITH SIMPLE SLIDING ACTION – The sliding action is easy to use for parents, and even grandparents while keeping little baby safe. You can open it with one hand as you hold your baby in the other hand. Also, those with reduced hand strength and flexibility can easily work our cabinet locks; they go on and off in seconds.Perfect Christmas gifts for moms
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND REUSABLE – Secure your cabinet doors with no tools, no drilling, no magnets, and no tape. Our cabinet locks are very easy to put on and take off and leave no marks behind. The appearance of your cabinets will not be affected, no one will know they were ever there! Simply slip them back on when needed.
  • WORKS FOR MOST CABINETS AND ROOMS – They work on mushroom-shaped knobs as well as D-shaped handles up to 4.5 inch apart for any room in your home. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom, pantry room, storage area, and bedroom. They’ll even stop cunning cats from raiding the pantry of all the food they can get their paws on!
  • NO TOXIC MATERIAL: Some other baby products on the market are made from lower-quality materials, but this baby lock is made from only non-toxic RoHS approved materials that are thoroughly lab-tested to ensure that you won’t be bringing anything dangerous into your home, and won’t have to fear accidentally harming your child with the very device built to protect them.
  • 8 PACK FROM ARODIC: Included 8 pack safety locks for multiple doors use. Reusable and convenient lock exactly meets your need, safely keeping curious babies and active pets away from cabinets. Also, each Adoric customer can enjoy ONE year refund and replacement warranty.


Anonymous says:

Not only for babies, keeps my dog out of cabinets! Bought this for our dog, wanted to show that we are using these for horizontal handles instead of the vertical ones. Even though they can be opened, it takes a decent amount of force to open them, which our dog can’t. I really liked the fact that you can move these around without having to worry about those stick on pads. They seem pretty well built, but we’ll see how they will fare against the determination of my dog wanting his treats.Overall, for the price and utility, it’s a…

Anonymous says:

I use it as an anti-cat lock!!! I use this to keep the doors shut against my cat. He really tries hard to get into the garbage cans beneath the sink but this keeps him out! He is pretty strong so it works well.Also, there was nothing that I needed to screw in permanently but this is very secure. The squeeze release is very easy to use and you get about four of them in the pack.

Anonymous says:

Keeps the toddlers out! These surprised me. They are awesome for keeping babies and toddlers out of my cabinets. Every other locking device my toddler can figure out how to manipulate or the big kids leave the unlocking part around, but this is self contained and the baby cannot figure it out. They are long enough to accommodate all of my cabinets which is a win. And you do get four of them in one pack. So they are priced nicely for all that you get.

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