Artempo Deluxe Grooming Kit Complete Baby Nursery Kit Care & Baby Manicure Set for Baby Toddler and Infant – Blue

October 13, 2017 - Comment
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Artempo designed a completed package of all the accessories parents need for their child

A selection of the most important grooming tools are contained in the kit.

The baby grooming kit includes a baby nail file, a baby nail clipper, a baby nail scissors, a small tweezers, a baby hair comb and a baby hair brush.

High-quality and adequate blades made of stainless steel will prevent any hurting from your baby.

An all-round package for the body care of your baby, toddler or infant.


Material: Plastic and Stainless Steel

Package contains:

1x baby nail file
1x baby nail clippers
1x baby nail scissors
1x small tweezers
1x baby comb
1x baby brush

Product Features

  • Grooming kit includes: Baby nail file, baby nail clippers, baby scissors, small tweezers, baby comb and a baby brush
  • Safety first : Proper size of the nail scissor and file to prevent any cutting
  • Soft baby brush: For a smooth brushing of the hair without pulling or hurting the scalp
  • Quality: Blades are made of stainless steel which enable to cut the nails smoothly
  • All round package: The groomer kit is an indispensable set for the body care of your baby, toddler or infant


Amazon Customer says:

I was extremely disappointed with the product I was extremely disappointed with the product, the hairbrush, in addition to not being soft, as I had expected it to be, for a baby, still came all crumpled and deformed due to the handling of the delivery.

geri says:

Dont waste your $$$ Certainly not worth the price…..more like a smaller toy version than a real usable product

Sarah Butcher says:

This set has been useful. The scissors are the best bit This set has been useful. The scissors are the best bit! When I first started cutting my child’s nails when she was a small baby I was very nervous as I didn’t want to hurt her or get it wrong. But the scissors are so easy to use – they aren’t even slightly sharp and they are so easy to use – it would be hard to get it wrong! The brush isn’t quite as soft as I would hope, but we have used it and my daughter didn’t seem to mind or feel uncomfortable. I don’t find nail clippers as easy to use,…

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