Baby Child Anti Lost Wrist Link Safety Harness Strap Rope Leash Walking Hand Belt by Wimaha (1.5M,Green)

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Are you still worry about your naughty kids often runs off quickly and away from your range of visibility ?
Now a good solution here for you to solve all your worries, eliminate your puzzles when travelling or shopping.
Wimaha-With My Heart by offering this skin-friendly Anti Lost Wrist Link with features below

1.Made of premium quality durable Stainless Steel wire in 1.5meter long inside and smoothly PU cover outside, strongly protect your kids from falling down .
2.Eco-riendly fabrics, comfortable wrist strap cotton ,which has strong flexibility and good gas-permeability, Anti-pricking Velcro of strong protection will not hurt your kid’s wrist.

Practical Application:
1.This anti-lost wrist link connects with Hand, Backpack, Stroller conveniently, easy to use it with no hassle.
2. The Child Wrist Link is perfectly suitable for crowded places like super market, subway and suitable for outdoor activities perfectly, like traveling or shopping, etc.

Specifications:1.5Meter long extension in fresh green color, small and lightweight .

Buy with confidence: 30-day money-back guarantee, lifetime warranty and easy-to-reach support.

Care Tips:
1.This Anti Lost Wrist Link is only used to keep the kids from losing, it cannot prevent the kids from falling on the ground and can’t be used for training to walk.
2. This harness has the elasticity, it will have a mutual pull between kids and parents when wearing it. So when going out, parents should keep following the kids closely to avoid the pull making kids lose balance and fall.
3. In order to prevent the kids from running away before you, we suggest the parents should wear the item first, next the kids wear it, and then you can go together.

Product Features

  • Eco-friendly: Our baby cozy straps are made of superior breathable cotton material which has strong flexibility and good gas-permeability, much better than others’ normal polyester straps.
  • Durable: Premium Stainless Steel Wire inside with 1.5M extension long and wrapped with smooth plastic , anti-pricking Velcro of strong protection will not hurt your kid’s wrist.
  • Skin-friendly: Soft 2 layer Velcro for kids’ hands, not easy to take off by themselves. The size of wrist strap is adjustable, there is a soft sponge pad in the wrist strap to provide comfortable wearing for users.
  • Convenience: Easy to use by connecting the wristbands to adult’s and kids’ hands respectively .
  • Risk-free: Each wrist link is guaranteed by Wimaha professional Lifetime Warranty. If any query during the usage of the child anti lost wrist links, we will help you out at first time.


Julia Peel says:

I LOVE THIS! I LOVE THIS!! I have a almost two year old who I had to carry everywhere because she just loves to run. I have only used the shorter strap so far, as I’m training her for more freedom with the blue one. It has worked great and there haven’t been any melt-downs or tantrums. She actually loves it and stays by me. 

Amazon Customer says:

It is so much better than a backpack harness to help keep our autistic … It is so much better than a backpack harness to help keep our autistic child close when out in public. He has no sense of danger and is constantly running around. We have to keep our hands on him at all times. This gives us a little help with that.

Cassiopeia Nieves says:

Child cuff needs to be bigger. It’s pretty.It’s comfortable.It’s convenient.The adult side is adjustable to various sizes but the child size caps off rather quickly. I’m very certain is you have an overweight child you will not be able to use it.My son is barely chubby. He is wearing 3t and fairly lean. Currently the cuff fits around his wrist with just a centimeter extra to give. It’s winter now and this will NOT fit over his sleeve. So that is something you really need to consider when buying this.

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