Baby Furniture Protectors Table Corner/Edge Guards (8 Pack) & 2 Door Finger Guard by Btahar | Child Proofing Desk Bumper | Glow In the Dark Safety Pads | Durable Self Adhesive Protective Cushion

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Soften the Sharp Edges of Your Home Furniture with the #1 Child Proofing Corner Guards by Btahar!

Has your precious baby just started to become more mobile?

Do you want to make sure they’re 100% safe, while they’re playing around, exploring the world around them?

Then this premium baby furniture protectors set is for you!

Easy to install, without compromising your home décor, these durable child proofing corner/edge protectors are perfect for tables, desks, bed edges, cribs or drawers and will keep your little ones out of harm’s way.

Why These Baby Furniture Protectors are the Best for Your Baby

A must-have for every house with small children, this premium safety pads offers complete protection from accidents 24/7!

Lightweight and flexible, adaptive material
Special, fun shape that covers more of the corner area
Glow in the dark for extra protection at night
Easy to install in minutes
Strong, adhesive stickers
Easy to remove, without leaving a mark
No heavy metals
White color that matches your décor

Get a Complete Set

The pack includes 8 protective cushions at an unbeatable price and 2 door finger guards, completely free!

Could you really afford to miss this opportunity?

Order Your Baby Furniture Protectors Today and Offer Yourself peace of Mind!

Click “Add to Cart” Now, While Supplies Last!

Product Features

  • • CREATE A SAFE PLACE FOR YOUR BABY: Baby proof every room in your home by installing these durable, elastic baby furniture protectors on your desk, dining table, bed, crib shelf or even drawers to keep your inquisitive toddler safe from trouble and your mind at peace.
  • • GLOW IN THE DARK: Worried about your baby walking around in the dark, after a bad dream? Not anymore. These table corner/edge guards have been thoughtfully designed to absorb light during the day and reflect it at night for extra protection.
  • • COVER ALL CORNERS: Boasting a special shape and flexible material that allows the table corner protectors to cover more of the desired area and adapt to more places around your house, these furniture bumpers will easily fit on all the corners of your home. The white color will easily match your room décor, without compromising your home’s appeal.
  • • PROTECT YOUR FURNITURE: These edge safety pads feature extra strong, self-adhesive stickers that make sure your table protectors stay firmly in place, until you decide to remove them. Leaving no residue behind, these protective cushions promise to keep your furniture intact at all times.
  • • FREE DOOR GUARDS: Complete your child proofing set with (8 Pack) & 2 door finger guards, completely free! The door finger guards will stop doors from fully closing and keep your baby’s fingers safe, at all times. By Btahar


Bess says:

… they are very playful in the house and I love it. I love them active at the house I have young boys and they are very playful in the house and I love it. I love them active at the house, but sometimes they unexpectedly crash into a corner at the house, which definitely hurt them. We usually host some friends and their kids and those children are less familiar with the areas where attention is needed. That’s why I needed these. They feel very protected after I used the corner protector and I’m confident as my curious child won’t be able to strip these off as they do with many…

David L. says:

Amazing product! Best i ever had! The CORNER PROTECTORS came within two days, very fast indeed. I have a toddler who’s almost two, and he’s endlessly run in the house. I’m also due with number two, so I decided to go ahead and get something for my furniture’s corners. I really wanted these for my 60 record player. The corners are oddly shaped so I thought these would be great. They are easy to use. Just clean the surface of the corners and place the stickers on the corners, pull off the protective layers and stick the guard…

Amazon Customer says:

The thing itself is pretty straightforward, just peel off the film and stick … I have recently purchased this product and I must say it really does the trick. I use the Corner Gurder not only to protect my kids but also for myself – attached it to a shelf in my study which I kept bumping into. 

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