Baby/Kid/Adult Ear and Forehead Thermometer -Digital Display Precise/Accurate Forehead& Ear Temperature, Instant Infrared Thermometer, Reliable Personal Care Gift, 2018 New Generation Thermometer

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Why Not Choose An Excellent Personal Care Product To Help You Live A Better Life ?

Digital Dual-ModeForehead And Ear Thermometer, Homecare Gift, Instant and Pricise Testing Your Ear and Forehead Temperature. Safety, Easy Operation, Quick Body Temperature Measurement For Babies ,Toddlers , Kids And Adults.

Easy to Operate :

1)Take Forehead Temperature
Press the “power on” button. Hold the button and scan the forehead from one side to another then release the button, the “beep”sounds is heard , measuring result shows on the display
2)Take Ear Temperature
Press ” power on” button. then take off the probe cover,carefully fit the probe snuggly into the ear canal. Press the button for 1 second and then release, the beep sound is heard, ear temperature is displayed .
3)Take room/object temperature

When the thermometer is power off, press the Memory/Mute-unmute button for 3 seconds until it powers on and ready to measure . Press the “power on” button and keep the thermometer about 1-5cm away from the object for 1 second and then release button, “beep” sound is heard, we see testing value of object temperature.

After each measurement, you can enter the recall mode and query earlier temperature readings. Please Read More Details In the User Manual

a)– Thermometer– 1 pc
b)–Manual– 1 pc
c)– AAA battery –2pcs
d)– Pouch– 1 pc

Product Features

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Testing Forehead Thermometer (can be used for all ages) and Ear Thermometer( only for children above 3 months) ;Testing Object Temperature
  • Easy to Operate, Convenient to Carry ;Fast/Instant Readings ,Digital Display
  • FEVER WARNING: If 37.4℃≦T≦37.9℃(99.3℉≦T≦100.3℉), the orange light will last for 3 seconds, with 3 short beeps, and the value in LCD flickers, which is a warning that you may have a light fever. 3. If 38℃≦T≦42.5℃(100.4℉≦T≦108.6℉), the red light will last for 3 seconds, with 5 short beeps, and the value in LCD flickers, which is a warning that you may have a high fever.
  • RELIABLE AND ACCURATE: 35 previous precise readings is available to help you track the changes of your body temperature.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 1 year product warranty since the date of purchase.


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