Baby Nail Clipper Kit – Carly Shop Baby Nail Care Kit with Mini Nail Scissor,Nail Clipper,Baby Tweezer and Nail File,Safe Baby Nail Manicure Set for Infant & Newborn,Set of 4(Mint Green)

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Baby Nail Clipper Kit – Carly Shop Baby Nail Care Kit

What in baby nail clippers set ?
☉ Mini Nail Scissor: A short cutter head for babies, more precise trimming of your baby’s nails.
☉ Nail Clipper: Designed to fit your baby’s nails with a small arc-shaped design , a small hanging mouth for easily carry and trim your baby nails whenever you need it.
☉ Baby File: Made of frosted glass and rounded edges make you feel comfortable when using it. It helps to smoothes the burrs of your baby’s nails.
☉ Baby Tweezer: The round head design does not stab your baby. It is a great tool for gripping the baby’s mouth or nose dirt, or picking up foreign objects in the ear and navel.
☉ Cute and Convenient Storage Box: The cute shape makes your baby love, and the small space can be easily put into the Mummy bag for easy carrying. The base of the storage box is made of silicone and will not be deformed for long-term use and easy to clean.

Why you need to trim your baby’s nails?
The baby’s nails grow quickly and should be trimmed in time because the baby’s nails are easy to scratch their skin, face, eyes, is necessary to prune the baby’s nail one time a week at least,baby’s nail thin, skin is tender so must be careful when trimming the nail. It is best to choose when your baby sleep or when the baby’s mood is relatively stable, wash baby’s hands with water after the nail is trimmed to prevent infection.

What should be noticed when use these tools?
1、Although the baby nail tools are processed in many detail, they are still very sharp. Unless it is an empty storage box, don’t let your baby use it alone!
2、After prolonged use, Please disinfect your baby nail trimming kit.

What is our after-sales service for you?
For any questions regarding baby nail trimming set , please feel free to contact us by email. Within 60 days We accept a money back guarantee or resend new products .

Product Features

  • ♥PERFECT FOUR PIECE SUIT – Carly shop baby nail clipper kit includes: nail scissor, nail clipper, nail file, tweezer. The combination of nail scissor and nail file allows you to accurately trim your baby’s nails. After trimming your nails, polish your baby’s nails with nail files to make it smooth. The tweezers are used to grip the dirt in baby’s mouth or nose.
  • ♥SAFETY&COMFORTABLE MATERIAL – Baby trimming tools metal parts are made of stainless steel making the nail clipper and scissors non-blunt and rust-free. other parts are made with PP, a plastic material has good strength and toughness giving you a comfortable grip tension.nail file made of frosted glass, delicate surface is more suitable for baby’s tender skin.
  • ♥DESIGNED FOR BABY – Whether it’s our baby’s nail clipper fits the baby nail’s small arc design and round-headed handshake design or the baby tweezer’s round head design and frosted glass design for baby file ,All for make your baby feel more comfortable and safer when using our baby nail care kit. It’s a correct decision to chose our baby nail scissor kit.
  • ♥CONVENIENT STORAGE – The special storage base allows you to put these baby nail tools quickly and accurately When you have finished using them , The bear dust top cover can make your baby nail kit avoid dust or other dirts , keeping your baby nail scissors set always like a new.Sure,It’s convenient to carry them when you travel because portable storage box.
  • ♥ IDEAL BABY GIFT – Our baby nail care kit is perfect as the first gift for a newborn mother. When baby needs a manicure, you will definitely be remembered as a gift giver. It is also an ideal gift for your baby! When you take these tools to the storage box, you will find that the cute mint green bear storage box will make your baby is fond of it.


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