Baby Nail File Versatile Nail File Toenails Fingernails Easy-to-Use One-Button Activation Multiple Speeds

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Wanting to keep your baby from scratching?


Babies don’t have control over hand movements, which often leads to painful scratches on their face while sleeping or playing.
One solution is to put baby mittens on their palms, but it could impact development and make them irritable at the same time.
Your best bet is to use this baby nail file to perfectly clip those soft, little nails.
Multi-Purpose Kit This nail file is battery powered and suitable for kids of all ages.
All essentials like buffing pads are included that helps to efficiently sand, clip, and polish nails on fingers and toes in a jiffy! Protects Baby Skin The file is easy to use with its one-button activation system and gets the job done in just a few seconds, while ensuring that the sand paper is soft on cuticles and nail beds.
LED Front Light This feature makes the usage of this trimmer even safer as it guarantees clear vision so you can chip away the excess nail length, without causing the least bit of discomfort to the little one.
Let your baby play and learn to grasp things freely-trim their nails right from the start.
The nail file is an excellent gift for a new or expecting mother.

Product Details:One-Button ActivationMultiple Speeds and Rotation PatternsSoft LED Front LightWhisper Quiet MotorCompact, Lightweight DesignSafe on Baby’s Finger and Toe NailsBattery Operated (Two AA Batteries)Include Gift Box

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Get the best baby nail clippers for newborns, toddlers and young children.

Product Features

  • Versatile Settings – There are multiple speeds and rotation patterns so you can try out different nail filing positions as per your convenience for neatly trimmed nails.
  • Compact Structure – The nail clipper is extremely lightweight and sleek so it can be carried in a purse or handbag when you are outdoors or traveling.
  • Noiseless – Equipped with a whisper-quiet motor, you can file nails even as the baby sleeps, without causing any disturbance.
  • Sophisticated Accessories – This nail file comes with cushioned sandpapers for babies and children, and attachments for adult use too.
  • 100% Safe – The nail trimmer is gentle on delicate nail beds and cuticles, so you can swiftly trim and polish those little toenails and fingernails.


Amazon Customer says:

Very disappointing I regret to buy this! The quality is poor, very brittle plastic. Only use it three times than it was STOP WORKING. One more thing I should tell,this product arrives without user manual,and its’ noise was great, my toddler doesn’t like it and would scream when I tried to use it.

Amazon Customer says:

Never buy it!!! A counterfeit product that was cheaply made. I don’t recommend it.Fake reviews here. Be cautious!

Nancy Scharnhorst says:

The best grinder file I have seen for personal use! I am so happy with this nail file. It is small and fits comfortably in your hand making it very easy to use. There are 5 heads that snap on ranging from fine grinding to a soft polish head, as well as a metal cylinder file. With the different grinding heads you can file baby’s nails, kids nails or adults nails. ALSO works great on freaked out dogs! I have a chihuahua who is terrified of getting her nails clipped. I have to pay $15 at the vets office because you cannot do it at home. So, I had a…

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