Baby Safety Latches Locks for Furniture Childproofing Dressers to Cabinets Sliding Non-Magneting Creamed 6 Pack by BabyWard

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Your child is constantly “interested” in drawers?? Loves to open kitchen doors??

Installing childproof locks on cabinets and drawers is an essential part of preparing your home for a baby who’s beginning to crawl around.

The kitchen cabinet with cleaning fluids is probably the first thing you think about childproofing, but there will be many other things you’ll want to keep a baby and toddler out of.

Medicine cabinets, a drawer with the kitchen knives, perhaps the refrigerator, the toilet, trash cans, washers and dryers, the door to the cellar stairs… the possibilities are limited only by your child’s imagination for getting into trouble!

Now there’s a childproof lock that will fit all those things and just about anything else.

If you can close it, these BabyWard latches will keep it closed against your child’s curious fingers.

What’s more, these latches are easier to install.

Just choose where the two ends of the latching strap should go, then peel-and-stick the two pads in place. No tools and no damage to your furniture and appliances.

When it’s time to remove the latches, this can be easily done with a little heat from a hair dryer.

And if any adhesive residue is left behind, just use the adhesive-removal eraser we provide with every kit.

So get your home ready for that exciting time when your baby starts moving around under his or her own power.

Make your home safe, and give yourself peace of mind!

Installation Instructions:

1. Clean and dry the surface where the lock should be installed.

2. Place the strap back on the bottom of the sliding side. Slide the top piece over the strap.

3. Remove back the adhesive on both pieces The sliding side does not open once locked in place.

4. Determine the best position and press firmly to set in place.

Product Features

  • SUPER-VERSATILE! Where most child safety locks are good only for cabinets, these BabyWard latches can be used almost anywhere: Drawers, refrigerator, oven, trash can, toilet seat — whatever you want to keep your young one out of.
  • SIMPLE, 3-MINUTE INSTALLATION with no screws, drilling, or tools required. These locks are installed using pads of strong, reliable self-adhesive, and they can be removed and reused.
  • FULLY NON-TOXIC MATERIALS. There’s nothing to worry about if your child mouths or bites these latches; the tough plastic we use is certified food-safe. Free Bonus: “How to protect your child from hazards and safety methods”.
  • INCONSPICUOUS IN USE, LEAVES NOTHING BEHIND WHEN REMOVED. The inconspicuous beige color means they don’t “stand out.” And when it’s time to remove them, we provide a special adhesive-removal eraser to rub off any adhesive residue that might remain.
  • FULL 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. This product is sold with a full money-back guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us for a replacement or refund.


K. S. says:

Should work fine with one slight modification This set did not work as well as the original set we purchased. When pulled on hard, the non-opening latch would move one notch. To solve this, I opened it up and put a drop or two of gorilla glue inside and closed it back up. This solved the problem, but I still had to take a star away.


Five Stars It works great in our classroom! 🙂 Love this product!

val says:

Best latches I tried!!! Keeping our little one out of the drawers is a loosing proposition. Enter the baby latches. We tried multiple other brands and types. They all were either flimzy, too involved to open often or plain PITA to install. 

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