BabyGuard Adhesive Child Safety Locks with Extra 3M Adhesives, Brown, 6-Pack

February 12, 2017 - Comment
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You won’t have to deal with bulky, monstrous baby proofing apparatuses, while their monochrome color will be undistinguishable from your furniture features, thus puzzling your baby as to why it can’t open your kitchen cabinets or get into the trash can!

Product Features

  • BROWN COLOR FOR FULL FURNITURE CAMOUFLAGE: Contrary to our competitors’ offerings, which have a white middle strap, our baby safety locks are uniformly brown, perfectly blending in with the color of your furniture and not becoming an eye sore! They also do not attract the baby’s attention, as they are practically inconspicuous!
  • RELIABLE BABY PROOFING: These adhesive child safety locks are designed to deter even the most determined, mischievous baby from accidents! Purchase several of these superior, reusable latches and save your piece of mind by knowing that you have installed the most effective means of baby proofing available on the market!
  • EFFORTLESS, ONE-HANDED INSTALLATION: It will only take you 5 MINUTES to place these latches and without the need of any specialty tools! You will quickly adapt to using our safety locks, as they are easy to handle by adults – but extremely difficult for babies!
  • REUSABLE, WITH VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: You can apply these latches to any piece of furniture or home appliance that your baby must be barred from accessing. These safety locks are ideal for both flat and round surfaces and even for corners. Baby proof your kitchen, bathroom, living room and nursery – these versatile latches firmly adhere anywhere, can be taken off and repositioned, too!
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY & MONEY BACK, PLUS FREE GIFT!: We prioritize your baby’s safety and providing you with a smooth baby proofing experience. That is why we offer you a Lifetime Replacement Warranty And Money Back Guarantee! And to help you with the baby proofing process, we provide 4 FREE EXTRA PIECES OF 3M TAPE, to maximize our product’s reusability! Click Buy Now And Get The Best Baby Proof Latches On Amazon!


Richard Hawks says:

… bought one pack to test them out and very happy we got them We bought one pack to test them out and very happy we got them. They took about 15 seconds each to install and keep our son from opening up the every cabinet he can. They seem to work okay on double doors, enough that a child cant get them open much more than a 1/4 inch if they are yanking on them. They work great on corner cabinets and they detach easy enough to get in any out of the cabinets with ease and reattached just as easy. It’s worth the money. 

Jen says:

These are awesome (edited: didn’t last) These baby proofing latches are perfect! They took me about 10 seconds to install and work wonderfully. No drilling needed. Just take off the adhesive and place where you want. I had some cabinets that I could not use the other types of cabinet latches for and my toddler kept opening them and taking everything out. I searched on Amazon and found these. At first I thought they were a little expensive but was willing to try. Now I realize they are worth every penny! The color blends in well with…

Cbuff5 says:

So far so good. We’ve only had these a couple weeks, but they were very easy to install and so far they are working great. My only complaint is that they really work best if it’s either a double cabinet or the end cabinet with a corner. For example, our stove has one cabinet on either side of it and neither is technically a corner. I managed to slide the stove enough centimeters over to either side to get the end of the lock between the cabinet and the stove for the cabinets on either side, but not sure…

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