Balmex Adult Care Rash Cream, 3 OZ (Pack of 2)

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Balmex Adult Care Rash Cream, 3 OZ (Pack of 2)

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Not a Vine member says:

Itch be gone! Wish I had found this earlier…have been plagued with crotch itch and under boob itch and chalked it up to old age. Never got it before but all of a sudden when hot weather hit, so did my skin issues. I tried half a dozen things that worked a little but this totally subdued the itch in one use! I had changed my diet and quit taking my supplements, and the itch showed up, apparently from a skin yeast. I went back on my garlic capsules, zinc, and other supplements. Hopefully now the itch will…

Sunny says:

Definitely helps ease a worrisome irritating problem After trying many products and searching for an answer to a woman’s major problem of sweaty areas under breasts, stomach fold or groin areas. , I came upon this product. Everyone seemed so positive about its use. So far, it has been pretty helpful during this heat index this summer. It is a bit moist in itself, but controls the itching and a lot of the bothersome “sweaty pain”

luby says:

Balmex is working!! This is awesome product. My father is in the nursing hope. Although he is walking, he is using diapers and being that he is 89 years young, his skin is very sensitive. As a result he has some issues ones in a while. I was trying other products, like for example Desitin, but this cream seams to work better.

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