BeRicham 20 Pack Baby Safety Clear Furniture Corner Guards Corner Protector with 3M Adhesive, L-Shaped & Ball-Shaped

July 15, 2017 - Comment
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It’s possible to make any furniture corner safe for your little one without having to spend hours installing child-proofing equipment or diminishing the look of your stylish furniture.

1. Made from semi-soft material that provides plenty of padding for maximum safety.
2. BeRicham Corner Protector clear pads blend in with furniture, so guests will see the beauty of your tables and other pieces, not your baby proofing corner cushions.
3. The Table Corner Bumpers clear guard fits easily onto the corner and sticks in place itself with strong 3M adhesive. You won’t need a single tool to get our child safety corners in place.

Installation Instructions:
1. Clean surface and let it dry completely. (We recommend rubbing alcohol for most surfaces but may not be applicable for all surfaces.)
2. Remove backing and fix the corner on furniture, then smooth out any air bubbles.
3. Press and hold each side firmly for at least 20 seconds. Wait at least 48 hours for full adhesion before testing.

Easy to remove:
1. Place a warm cloth over the corner and allow adhesive to soften.
2. Gently peel back the edges of the caring corner.
3. Roll away any remaining adhesive, and clean the surface.(Use carefully when removing from painted or stained surfaces.)

– Material type: PVC
– Material free: Phthalate Free, Lead Free, BPA Free, Latex Free
– Best uses: table corner protectors; furniture art decors
– Number of items: 20

Package Include:
– 10 × L-Shaped Corner Guards
– 10 × Ball-shaped Corner Guards

Product Features

  • Work better to absorb impact and protect your loved baby against painful bumps, injuries and bruises from sharp furniture corners.
  • Cover all the sharp corners extremely well on dining room table and kitchen counters, which also could used for office desk.
  • Suitable for “corner” tables, desks, bedside units, chairs, chests, fish tanks, cabinets, shelves, stairs, hearths and other home furniture. Can also be used when moving furniture to avoid damage to furniture or walls.
  • Outfitted with 3M adhesive, so you simply peel off the backing and push the clear corner protectors into place to install them.
  • 10 PACK L-shaped and 10 PACK Ball-shaped are included. Perfectly for all your needs.


Angelia says:

Corner bumpers So within 10 minutes of putting these things on they already served the purpose they were intended for. My two-year-old is notorious for hitting his head on our kitchen island because he’s crazy and doesn’t always look where he’s going. My husband and I talked and realize we should get something to help protect his head before he does some major damage we’ve been lucky so far to escape with just a few tears. So after I got these I put them on as shown in the pictures and literally within 5…

Fallon C says:

Sticks pretty well My son is starting to walk a lot more and we are now starting to baby proof the house. We have several tables that he is starting to be able to knock his head on so I am glad we got this huge pack of corner guards. 

Faith says:

I have a 12 month old that is starting to …

Customer Video Review Length:: 0:11 Mins I have a 12 month old that is starting to roam around. I ordered this corner protector so he wont hurt himself on the table corners. These are big help. The adhesive got strong hold so even if he is curious about it and tries to remove it, he wont be successful since it got strong hold and stick very well. Material is made of high quality rubber and feels soft.

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