Brica Smart Move Car Seat Transporter, Grey

March 21, 2017 - Comment
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Make traveling with your child look effortless as you quickly convert your car seat into an airport stroller. The premium in-line skate wheels deploy out with the extension of the metal platform for a very sturdy, stable and secure ride. The metal platform is equipped with Extra-Grip traction pads which helps to keep your precious cargo steady and the ride smooth as you navigate busy lines and airport gates. When you reach your destination, the wheels fold in and the handle telescopes down for easy storage in tight overhead bins. Top-grade materials make it light, strong, safe and perfectly portable.

Product Features

  • Fits most major brands of convertible and forward facing car seats
  • Compact fold-flat design and telescopic handle allow for slim, compact storage in an overhead aircraft bin or in your hall closet
  • Includes premium in-line skate wheels for easy maneuvering, Extra-Grip traction pads and an adjustable strap system
  • Ready to use – no assembly required
  • Maximum load capacity of 100 lbs (includes weight of child plus weight of standard convertible or forward facing car seat)


Kelley Crowe says:

A Must for Parents Traveling with Kids! I have never traveled with a car seat before, because it was way too much of a pain. Traveling with the kids is already stressful and managing all the things you need to have on hand for them. This car seat transporter simplifies things in ways I never imagined! It works with most brands of convertible and forward facing carseats, so chances are – it can simplify your life too! It assembles easily and gives you the opportunity to turn your carseat into a stroller while strolling through the…

nsbresson says:

High Quality Product. If you like a multi-purpose item, this product is for you. The Birca SmartMove Car Seat Transporter makes traveling with your little one and their car seat much easier. The piece of equipment is very sturdy and made of high quality material, in addition to this it is very easy to adjust it to fit the car seat and the height of the person pulling the car seat/child while you travel. There are two simple buttons that make adjusting the heights very simple. The car seat itself is very easy to…

Heather Tomoyasu says:

Great for stacking/transporting 2 car seats We have non-traditionally shaped car seats (Combi Coccoro) which do not have a flat bottom or back. Because of this, I was just barely were able to balance and strap it on, but not to the point where I would have felt safe putting my child in the car seat being transported. If the bottom of the transporter were longer, we wouldn’t have had as much of an issue, but it was too short to fully support the bottom of the Coccoro. That said, we have twins, and I was able to easily stack both car seats…

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