Britax Marathon G4.1, Summit

July 17, 2017 - Comment
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The Marathon Convertible Car Seat is an excellent choice for getting your family where they need to go safely and comfortably. SafeCell Impact Protection surrounds your child in safety components that work together to protect well beyond the established federal safety standards. And Complete Side Impact Protection shields your little one in a deep protective shell designed to absorb crash forces and protect from debris. A car seat works best when it provides the right fit so the Marathon comes with the Quick-Adjust, 10-Position Harness and 2-Position Buckle to keep up with your growing child. Installation is made simple with Easy-On / Easy-Off LATCH Connectors that lock into place with an audible click and are easily released with the push of a button. Plush Foam Padding provides premium comfort at every touch point and there are even 3 Recline Positions so your child can relax at the right angle. The Marathon converts from a rear-facing position (for babies 5-40 lbs.) to a forward-facing position (for children 20-65 lbs.) to keep your child safe and you free from worry wherever the road may take you.

Product Features

  • Safe Cell Impact Protection is an integrated system of safety components that work together to protect your child well beyond the federal safety standards.
  • Safe Cell Complete Side Impact Protection surrounds your child in a deep protective shell designed to absorb crash forces and shield your child from debris.
  • Safe Cell Impact Absorbing Base compresses to absorb crash energy and counteract forward movement keeping your child clear from the seat in front of them.
  • Safe Cell Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame gives you peace of mind knowing there is strength where you want it most, through the spine of the car seat reducing forward flex and at the connection points to the vehicle.
  • Safe Cell Impact Absorbing Tether minimizes potential seat rotation with a unique two-strap design and slows forward movement with Britax’s patented rows of stitching that “give-way” one at a time.


jrs82 says:

ONLY BUY BRITAX! I can not love this car seat any more! This is our second Britax purchase and now I am regretting ever spending money on anything else! We have bought other seats in the past (not Britax) and nothing else compares. Safe, sturdy, easy to install, comfortable. If you’re trying to decide between Britax and another brand, buy the Britax! 

Heidi RUpp says:

Best car seat for your money! Excellent top rated car seat. Easy to adjust and install. This is by far the favorite car seat I’ve owned and I’ve got 4 kids!

Charis E Wood says:

CAUTION – RELEASE LEVER IS REACHABLE!! I love the look and feel of this seat, and I am positive it’s far more comfortable than his previous seat. However, I have had to reach out to Britax directly with regard to a serious problem I have with my 16-month old son. The release lever on the seat is hidden in a small slit in the fabric between the baby’s legs and in front of the buckle. He essentially removed himself from his carseat on Wednesday by releasing his own straps. Initially Britax claimed that he was not secured properly…

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