Bumbo Floor Seat, Blue

April 2, 2017 - Comment
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The award winning Bumbo Floor Seat is the preferred choice of millions of moms and dads as their baby’s first seat and has become a parenting essential. The Bumbo Floor Seat enables your baby to maintain a sitting position on the floor, allowing you to play with, read to, and feed your baby. The Bumbo Floor Seat should not be used until your baby can support his or her head.

Product Features

  • Enables babies to sit upright
  • Fits baby’s posture with contoured seat
  • Is soft, comfortable and easy to clean
  • Includes restraint belt
  • to prevent falls never use on a raised surface and always stay with and watch your baby
  • Help your baby sit upright – This floor seat helps your baby sit up during playtime, feeding time, and story time.
  • Use while on the go – The durable, low-density foam is lightweight and easy to transport. Bring with you on playdates, vacations, picnics, and anywhere else you travel with your child.
  • Designed for your baby’s posture – The soft, contoured seat provides your baby with support and comfort while they sit upright for floor activities.
  • Restraint belt included – Keeps your baby safe by preventing them from falling forward.
  • Safe use – Don’t use until your baby can raise their head on their own. To prevent falls, never use on a raised surface and always stay with and watch your baby.


D. Gastia says:

Babies are not one size fits all I went back and forth about buying this. But I wanted to try this out because my little dude loves sitting up and it gets tiring holding him. His bouncy seat reclines and he’s often gets frustrated trying to sit up more in it. I loved that it has a tray, which I bought as well. I thought it would be a great “drum” for him as he’s always swinging his arm down to bop his thighs and loves when I put a box or something there and it makes a sound.The reviews seem to be split 50/50 on it being too…

E. Nicole Morse says:

Indispensable, when used with common sense. I can’t profess my love for Bumbos enough. First, let me say that we have an old model without the seatbelt. I think the seatbelt is stupid. If your kid is big/strong/old enough to flip out of a Bumbo, chances are the whole seat will tip and the belt won’t do any good. Plus, I imagine it makes the seat harder to clean. The seamless design of the Bumbo makes it so easy to wipe down if baby spits up or has a blowout (or if you’re like me and slack on buying a real high chair and feed baby in the…

Arnell Prato says:

Not for bigger babies with thunder thighs. Looks like a great product. Well made, easily cleaned. My 5.5 month old is 20 lbs. and has fat legs. I gave them 4 stars since it’s not the company’s fault that my baby is this big.

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