Buttons Cloth Diaper Cover – One Size (Maverick)

February 14, 2017 - Comment
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Our one-size-fits-all diaper covers are soft, leak-proof, and durable. The double-gusset feature around the legs keeps the mess in, so your little one can run, jump, climb, and sleep while your mind is at ease. The durable snaps allow the covers to adjust to fit any baby (approximately 9-35 lbs.). Plus, they come in five adorable colors! To use, simply adjust the height snaps, snap in a Buttons diaper insert, and put the diaper on your baby. When its time for a diaper change, snap out the wet/soiled insert, and put it in your diaper pail. Covers can be used more than once before washing. Our daytime diaper inserts are made of 4 layers of absorbent micro fiber, with a luxuriously soft layer of fleece on top. Nighttime inserts have 6 wonderful layers of micro fiber, for extra absorbency. Buttons cloth inserts snap into our one-size diapers covers. Plus, they come in 2 sizes for your growing baby (small fits babies 9-20 lbs., large fits babies 20-35 lbs.)! It really couldn’t be simpler. (Diaper inserts are sold separately.)

Product Features

  • One-size-fits-all cover (approximately 9-35 lbs).
  • Durable snap adjustment.
  • Double Gussets
  • Made of two durable layers of PUL
  • Use with Buttons diaper inserts.


kbgtigger2 says:

Growing on me…(a best bottoms fan) We are big Best Bottoms fans here, but I wanted to try these as a cheaper option to designate for daycare use. They are well made, super soft in feel, with gentle waist elastics, and snug leg elastics. The leg elastics initially caused red marks on my super chubby thighed baby, but since he’s trimmed down with crawling, that’s no longer an issue and I now appreciate the snugger fit. 

WDEJG's Mom says:

Similar to and even better than Best Bottoms! Buttons vs. Best Bottoms review 

Monica Navarro Leonard says:

Buttery soft and cute to boot The verdict is still out, but so far so good on this buttery soft and vibrant diaper. 

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