ChildSafety Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks (8 Child Safety Locks +2 Keys) 2 Ways of Fixing Adapts to All the Furniture, Bonus eBook, Baby Proof

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– Do you worry about that your children can get in touch with dangerous materials from the bathroom drawers or they might hurt themselves with knives or scissors from the kitchen cabinet?

– Do you find it too and expensive to ensure safety for your children at home?

– Are you afraid of that your safety locks can leave unrecoverable damage in your expensive furniture?

– Are you afraid of losing the only key?

– Do you worry about that simple tapes cannot adhere properly and cannot save your children from possible dangers?


ChildSafety does not leave any chance for your children to get in touch with dangerous things or materials. Using ChildSafety is the easiest level of baby proof.

The usage of our safety lock is very easy, not complicated at all and ensures your children’s safety at a very low price.

Our product doesn’t leave any marks or damages in your furniture.

One key can open all the locks, but we can give you one extra key. It is convenient to keep keys near the cabinet.

ChildSafety provides two ways of fixing. If by any chance you don’t find the sticking efficient enough, you can strengthen it with screws.

30 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are not completely satisfied with our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our product, and we will refund your purchase within 30 days from the purchase date. We are sure that you will find these locks to be high quality and the best design in the market.


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Product Features

  • EASY TO INSTALL – Anyone can install it easily because of the double-sided tapes which are in the packet. This product can be installed in every direction to fit the desired surface.
  • INVISIBLE FOR YOUR GUESTS – You don’t have to worry about that your guests can see the locks, because they are completely hidden and don’t destroy the look of the furniture. It is an invisible system that is easy to remove without leaving any marks on the surface.
  • 2 WAYS OF FIXING – There are two possible ways of fixing the locks to the surface. You can glue the locks to the surface with the double-sided tapes, as we mentioned before. But if you are afraid of that the tapes do not adhere to the surface properly, and your children can reach dangerous materials, don’t worry, because our product is the only one in the market which provides two ways of fixing. Your task is very easy then, you should fix it with screws.
  • ADAPTS TO ALL THE CABINETS / DRAWERS – They fit most types of cabinets and drawers doesn’t matter whether they are in the kitchen, living room or in the bathroom. Using ChildSafety is the easiest level of baby proofing.
  • WHAT OUR AMAZON CUSTOMERS SAY: “These child safety locks were super easy to install. It’s great that the 3M strips are already attached to the two plastic parts of the locks so you don’t have to worry about lining the sticky up correctly on the plastic. You simply have to peel off one side and then adhere it to your cabinet when the child grows up and there is a danger that it can tear glue can just attach the screw. I’m so grateful for Safety Baby Cabinet Locks…”


Anna F says:

My preference I give to ChildSafety Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks among all others! My little one is 1 year and 2 month old and he is walking all over the house and open all boxes and lockers in the kitchen that he can reach. I bought cheep lockers and what you think he learn how to open and remove it so I decide to buy ChildSafety Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks. 

Liza-misha says:

I love it! It installs easily, and works great! Previously, my youngest daughter, pulled out all of the cabinets in the kitchen, it’s her favorite thing to do, and I had, all the time put everything back. We have seen these locks at our friends house. When we told them our problem, they recommended to buy these locks, because they themselves are using them, and are very pleased with how they work. Before we used different locks, but they quickly broke down. I bought this Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet…

inessa says:

These work great! I bought this for my friends child These work great! I bought this for my friends child, and my friend is so happy, because now the cabinets on the kitchen close all the time, and her child don’t open. Its very good product for parents and child!!!!!

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