Coconut Oil Care – All Natural Remedy Diaper Ointment – Diaper Rash Treatment – Soothes and Protects Young Sensitive Skin – 4oz

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A small American company, Coconut Oil Care strives to create the best natural products only using organic ingredients. We harness the power of the Coconut, with our Pure Organic Coconut Oil infused with other key essential ingredients for best results. At Coconut Oil Care, Nature is our only ingredient! Forget that long list of ingredients on your baby care products at home. Most of them you don’t even know what they are, and the rest that you can pronounce sound like they were manufactured in a lab! At Coconut Oil Care, a simple list of quality and natural ingredients are the best option for baby care. No need for dangerous and harsh chemicals! Whether you’re a health-conscious parent, or your baby’s bottom skin is oh-so-sensitive, nobody should be putting icky chemicals or synthetic products on their babies! Your baby or child’s perfect skin absorbs almost anything put on it, so natural options are very important! While mainstream diaper rash treatment options out there are more widely known, many babies are sensitive to their ingredients. Will you expose your baby to potentially harming options? Most parents won’t! We provide you with an alternate remedy, safe and effective all-natural product! Scented pleasantly and naturally with our organic ingredients, each element we put into our Natural Remedy Diaper Ointment offers a boost of soothing, healing and protection with their long list of natural healing properties of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and specially selected essential oils. Our ingredients are 100% safe, non-irritating and will soothe and treat red and inflamed skin. Natural Remedy Diaper Ointment intensely moisturizes and has antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. Ointment is vitamin rich, safely treats existing diaper rash and acts as a natural breathable barrier to protect the skin from future diaper rashes.

Product Features

  •  Created with 100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil and specially chosen essential oils
  •  All-Natural safe and effective diaper rash treatment alternative with zero harsh ingredients
  •  Our product is packed with a boost of Soothing, Healing and Moisturizing properties and will add a layer of Protection against future rashes.
  •  Gentle, non-irritating formula will soothe and naturally treat inflamed skin.
  •  100% Vegan / Cruelty Free / Planet Friendly / No Preservatives / 100% All Natural / Made in USA


Seek Felicity says:

a little goes a long way and helps keep yeast at bay I’ve had a really good experience with this. My kids is very prone to yeast infections, and while I have a cupboard full of creams, I hate using the creams with the actual fungicides all the time. Next to , this is one of my favorites. The Seventh Generation cream is VERY thick, and the tubes do not last very long. The Coconut Oil Care, is a small…

Candice Fry says:

The smell of this isn’t the best, but its not the worst The smell of this isn’t the best, but its not the worst. Its just so strong, if even a little gets on your hands its all you’ll smell all day. It also liquifies very easily. Our house is set to 74 degrees and when I open it, liquid comes pouring out. Its pretty messy and gets everywhere. Also, I didn’t see much an improvement of redness on my baby. It was better when I didn’t use anything at all.

Samuel. N. says:

I must say this Diaper Rash Treatment is the best i have ever used I have raised six boys now and i have used almost every diaper rash cream and ointment out there. I must say this Diaper Rash Treatment is the best i have ever used. My youngest gets terrible rashes and this ointment is the only one that helps. I don’t know what i ever would have done if not for this ointment. Thank you!

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