DaliWay Playard Diaper Caddy & Baby Nursery Organizer, Gray Diaper Organizer

March 19, 2017 - Comment
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DaliWay Double Diaper Caddy

• Small size of the diapers organizer as well as a small strength of the whole product often raises the customer’s dissatisfaction.
• Would you like to have at home a product that is reinforced, does not sag and hold its shape better?
• Are you looking for the systematic storage of your child’s needs?

DaliWay Double Diaper Caddy Organizer is much bigger. The diaper part of the organizer provides more storage space for diapers, or even for children’s clothes. DaliWay diaper organizer is reinforced by the sewn-in frame; the product packet also includes 2 more PE reinforcements to make a better shape and even greater strength.

• Get what you really need. DaliWay organizer is your right hand when changing your baby’s diaper. Using the lifting hooks, Velcro and laces sewn-in at the back of the organizer, the organizer can be easily attached to a crib or playard.
• Become another satisfied customer, as well as lots of mums and dads who have purchased Baby Diaper organizer by DaliWay. We now offer a greater option for even greater satisfaction.
• Having purchased DaliWay Double Diaper Organizer you will receive the product illustrated in the pictures along with two PE reinforcements. A manual will be included.
• Storage not only for diapers, but also for children oils, creams, wet wipes, powders, feeding bottles … – thanks to free pockets and upper reinforced shelf

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Product Features

  • Store larger quantities of diapers – the only organizer with two diaper boxes
  • Even small things have their place – thanks to mesh pockets at the top of the diapers organizer
  • Reinforce the organizer – there are 2 PE hardcovers at your disposal
  • Choose yourself what you put in the organizer – a diaper box is suitable to store children’s clothes
  • It better holds in place – via the rear cords it can be firmly attached to the crib


Prime Addict says:

GREAT!! – 2 under 2 Perfect for the arrival of my second daughter. Having 2 daughters under the age of 2 in a small apartment I needed a better diaper storage option. This exceeds my expectations. MUCH larger size in comparison to Dexbaby Playard Diaper Caddy and Nursery that I also purchased but returned. This is a sturdy awesome product. Additionally the hooks are great to hang on any Pack and play. Thanks!!

Jennifer says:

Awesome product! Very happy. Just got this product today and immediately put it up, and it is just great. Gives me great options to organize between my baby and preschoolers health and safety needs.

bndonaldson says:

Fits well and seems okay So far the Diaper caddy fits well on my changing table and I like that there are areas to hold creams and such up top. Baby is not here yet so I will have to update after a few months of use to see how the product hold up.

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