Door Lever Lock (2 Pack), Child/Pets Safety Locks & Handles 3M Adhesive, Baby Safety Door Lock,Child Safety Locks

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Color:White | Package Quantity:2
Design for Safety ProofLocks:
we noticed a lot ofcomplaints about other brands, where parents have been locked out by theirchildren. Parents have been traumatized and had nightmares, therefor we madethis design specifically for you.

Door Lever Lock was designedspecially for parents like you. This door handle lock was designed to fit mosthandles with a really simple installation, your doors can be childproof inseconds just peel & stick, It has strong adhesive this way no child canremove it. When your child grows up and you no longer need these on your doorsjust remove the lock, it’s easy for an adult but hard for a child.

Prevent Your Lovely Pets fromEntering or Leaving Rooms


1. Tear off the adhensive onthe back of door lever lock
2. Put in on the side of thedoor handle and make sure the door handle in the middle of this items.
3. Stick it onto the doorfirmly
4. Press the upper and lowermovable button simultaneously and turn 90 degrees to keep them prependicular tothe door.

Product Features

  • 1.Upgraded 180° Design – Compared with other 90 degrees door lever locks, Aptoyu childproof lock can rotate 180 degrees by push the upper and lower movable button simultaneously, you can move the handle left or right, to unlock or lock the door lever lock.
  • 2.3M ADHENSIVE IN STRONG POWER AND EASY CLEAN: High quality 3M adhensive straps,not easy drop for long time,if parents plan to move the proof lock off,it is easy to clean by alcohol or any product that removes adhesive.Damage-free for Doors
  • 3.Easy To Use: Easily for an adult to lock and unlock the lever lock just press the buttons on top and bottom to move the levers, Deter children from opening doors with a Door Lever Lock.
  • 4.Easy Install: No driling needed, very easy to use. Just peel the 3M adhesive and place the lever lock on the right place of the door. Through pressing the button to move the levers of the baby proof door lock in lock and unlocked position.
  • 5.Safe Design: This door locks for kids made of soft PP and TPR, non-toxic, non-polluting and stronger to prevent children from getting hurt. Not just for the doors with handle in bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, toliet, but for the window, cabinets or the tap.


Anonymous says:

One of the best baby purchases we’ve made This thing is amazing. It completely stops our daughter from using the door. She’s 2 years old, and figured out how to undo the deadbolt. We live in apartment, and couldn’t install a traditional door latch. This thing is lease compliant. The false button on under the bottom latch keeps her completely confused about operating it. It even prevents the front door from being opened from outside. So, if she undoes the deadbolt, she’s not getting out, and no one else is getting in. 10/10 for…

Anonymous says:

Excellent build! Discard the negative reviews! “5-stars? Really? Why?”I’m going to get into that in a moment. I honestly held off offering these things for a hot minute because of what Amazon reviewers were saying about this product and was also mulling over the cheaper lever lock too.First, let me say this: The design of this product was very carefully thought out and executed. Most of the problems that exist in these reviews have to do with the construction and operation of the lever handles themselves and not the child safety lock…

Anonymous says:

Finally a solution that doesn’t require tools! As a teacher, we can’t remove our commercial door handle levers to use most childproof locks for lever door handles. My special education classroom has a bathroom and I have a student who has made it his personal mission in life to play in the toilet and flush anything and everything possible, so finding a way to secure the bathroom door was imperative. This worked perfectly after all other lever handle locks wouldn’t work because we weren’t permitted to remove the door handles. These use…

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