Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Specialty Feeding Starter Kit

November 2, 2016 - Comment
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The Dr. Brown’s Specialty Feeding System is a unique bottle/nipple/valve system designed specifically to assist in the management and treatment of complicated oral feeding issues. This bottle system will be beneficial for infants and bottle-fed children identified with severe to profound difficulty in efficiently expressing a fluid bolus during sucking. Infants with the following conditions – cleft lip/palate, oro-neuromotor dysfunctions, congenital heart disease, common or rare syndromic sequences and/or craniofacial anomalies will demonstrate strong outcomes while using the Dr. Brown’s Specialty Feeding System. The unidirectional flow valve known as the”Infant-Paced Feeding Valve” is inserted into the silicone nipple at the nipple base and placed into the collar. Once full assembly of the Dr. Brown’s Specialty Feeding System is complete this system allows the infant to use their own tongue and jaw movements during sucking to adequately express and deliver a fluid bolus into their intra-oral space for safe and efficient swallowing. The feeding becomes”infant-directed” and allows the infant to feed safely, efficiently and successfully. The Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow bottle is fully vented to create a positive-pressure flow for vacuum-free feeding. As baby feeds, fluid enters the infant’s mouth and air is channeled back from the infant through the nipple and the vent system bypassing the breast milk or formula during feeding. This system prevents the negative effects of a vacuum, allowing babies to feed more comfortably and eliminating discomfort from ingesting air, thereby reducing the symptoms of colic, spit-up, burping and gas

Product Features

  • Designs may vary to green vent and transparent nipple cover.
  • Accomplishes “Infant-Directed” feedings
  • Positive feeding experiences – efficient, successful and safe
  • Non-specialty feeding bottle design. Fully reusable system
  • Helps decrease gassiness and burping with non-squeeze method
  • Designed specifically to assist in the management and treatment of complicated oral feeding issues


Jess says:

Perfect system for cleft babies. This system takes the art out of feeding my baby. We were using the Haberman feeder for the first few months, but I was really the only one that can feed our son well. Comes with level one and two nipples. These are too slow for our three month old given his issues so I purchased regular level four nipples separately.

Jessica M. says:

Great bottle! I’m so relieved that I was able to find these bottles on Amazon! My newborn was diagnosed inexpediatly with a cleft palate at 4 days old and couldn’t use any standard bottles (I know bc I tried all of them on the market while waiting for these bottles to arrive) the best part is this set comes with extra valves so you can actually use with regular Dr. Browns bottles. My baby’s pediatrician gave us some of the enfamil nursers and compared to these bottles they’re not very good.

William B. says:

Such a relief! These bottles, more importantly the valve, have given me peace of mind since our son’s birth. Our baby was born with a bilateral cleft lip and complete cleft palate and feeding him was our biggest concern. We even changed hospitals once we learned our local hospital wouldn’t be able to help us with feeding and would most likely place him in the NICU on a feeding tube. Instead, hours after his birth a feeding specialist from the craniofacial team came to our room with these bottles and the…

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