Dreamslink Baby Nail Care Suits, Green

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Most children resist nail trimming. If you are begging or struggling with your child, you are not alone. Trimming a baby’s nails can be nerve-racking for any new parent. With long nails, infants can easily scratch and cut themselves, particularly around the face. Here are 3 Tips on How to Cut Your Baby’s Nails: 1. Do nail cutting when baby is asleep When they’re asleep, you have better control holding their fingers steady. You can also cut you baby’s nails half an hour after bathing when the nails are not too soft. 2. Don’t push it If you notice midway through cutting your baby’s nails that he becomes too squirmy to handle, stop. You can always continue some other time when you’re both ready again. You can also keep a baby nail trimmer in your diaper bag so you can trim whenever and wherever the opportunity arises. 3. Not cut too short Try not to cut too short as trimming too close to the nail bed can also be painful for your baby. Make sure to avoid sharp edges by keeping the nail edges rounded. If you find sharp corners, you can trim them down with a nail file.

Product Features

  • NO MORE FREAK OUT OF TRIMMING BABY NAILS: As a newborn mom, we understand how terrifying it is when trimming your sweet baby nails. This grooming kit is the powerful tools help you overcome your fears of trimming your baby nail.
  • Nail clippers have ergonomic comfortable shape handles for right and left parents. Nail clippers and scissors arc head are designed for infants and children to prevent accidental injury
  • Made of high quality plastic and stainless steel, suitable for daily use, long service life
  • 4 pieces suit, nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, nail file
  • BUY NOW! YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR GUARANTEE: Before you buy another baby grooming product, give us a try. We guarantee you will love our high quality product, and if not, we’ll refund your purchase 100%


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