Earth’s Best Tender Care Baby Wipes Refill – 432ct

March 13, 2017 - Comment
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Earth’s Best TenderCare Baby Wipes Tub

Earth’s Best TenderCare Baby Wipes are free of chlorine bleach. They are moistened with a natural lotion containing aloe vera and Vitamin E that cleanses, soothes and nourishes baby’s skin. These wipes are thickly textured to provide a good cleaning effect and are gentle on baby’s delicate hands and face. Tub contains 72 wipes.

Why You’ll Love It: These wipes are good for baby’s skin and provide a good cleaning.


Chlorine-freeContain aloe vera and Vitamin EGentle on baby’s delicate hands and faceSoft cloth-like texture

**Packaing may vary


Whirled Peas says:

Not the original Earth’s Best Wipes we have used for years!!! Go back to the old one! We have been long time customers of Earth’s Best products. Usually when they change the product, it is for the better and it’s an improvement. This time- they are trying to save money and it shows. VERY disappointed in the new wipes! They are thinner and smaller. They are now like any other wipe on the market. The only thing they improved in packaging was the resealable flap. But now it is less environmentally friendly. They decreased the size and increased the price!!!

TDS says:

Hearty wipes, need 2 hands. I like these wipes because they are hearty and a nice size (not flimsy or too small). They wipe well and my son seems to find them comfortable. 

Jessbalex says:

It seems like a small thing but it’s a huge pain in … These wipes aren’t cut apart properly/completely so you have to get into an elaborate one handed wrestling match with the package to get one [or five] wipes to separate from the next wipe, while simultaneously wrestling a poopy bottomed baby with the other hand. It seems like a small thing but it’s a huge pain in the neck. We switched to the seventh generation wipes which are nice and thick and NOT stuck together.

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