ELLA’S FURNITURE STRAP, Heavy Duty TV Straps, No Plastic Parts, Anti Tip Earthquake Resistant Furniture Anchor, Best Wall Anchors, TV Anchor for Children, Child & Baby Proof, Black – 4 Pack

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Furniture straps are on everyone’s mind recently, because children becoming seriously injured, or even dying from injuries related to unstable furniture and appliances such as TVs is on the rise in the US. A wall anchor is necessary. According to AnchorIt.gov, a US-government organization dedicated to safety and secured TVs and furniture, a child is sent to the emergency room every 30 minutes due to a falling TV or piece of furniture that’s poorly secured.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to prevent this is by securing vulnerable furniture and appliances. And this 2 piece furniture and TV strap from Ella’s Homes provides great protection at a wonderful value.


Furniture straps are simple, but very effective. Ella’s is uniquely made to last, with high-impact steel metal and durable materials, consisting of an anchor end, a clip end, and a durable band of high-tensile strength fabric attaching the two. The clip end is strapped to the furniture, the anchor end is attached to the wall, and just like that, you’re done safe, secure, and totally easy.

FEATURES Proven protection that’s lab-tested for ease of use and durability. High quality ABS plastic and durable construction VESA-compatible mounting bracket for TVs Simple 3-step installation with included instructions and tools High quality metal installation hardware 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

These straps are easy-to-use, easy to install, and give you peace of mind, knowing that your TV or furniture is safely and securely strapped and secured. And with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee backed by our great customer service team, you’re in good hands when you buy our product.

Product Features

  • ✓ GREAT VALUE: America’s proven number one TV and furniture metal straps. Our 100% impact-resistant straps are the first choice for millions of parents worried about a safe and hazard-free home for their children.
  • ✓ PEACE OF MIND: Once you buy Ella’s Home Furniture Straps and secure dangerous furniture or televisions to wall anchors, you won’t have to feel fearful or anxious about your child being at risk for serious injury – or even death. These safe, anti-tip straps crafted out of high-grade metal guarantee the protection of your children, allowing you to rest easy knowing that you’ve taken every step you can to protect them – even when you’re not in the room.
  • ✓ DURABLE, ALL-METAL CONSTRUCTION: Some furniture straps are created with cheap plastic, velcro, glue, and other materials. These products may cost less, but they’re more prone to breakage and failure – which kind of defeats the purpose of a safety strap. Our metal straps are crafted from high quality materials and factory-tested to ensure top quality. No corners cut, no costs reduced – just superb products that are built for maximum safety and guaranteed child protection.
  • ✓ PAIN-FREE INSTALLATION: Securing your home has never been easier. Our user-friendly 3 step installation guide means your children are protected in minutes, and our high quality hardware ensures a great anchor – no need to worry about loose screws or brittle hardware. In addition, all hardware required for installation is included at no extra cost. NOTE – 2 straps required per TV/piece of furniture for best use.
  • ✓ BUY NOW: Join millions of parents investing in a safer home and BUY today under our 30 Day Guarantee!


Amazon Customer says:

Perfect I would give six stars. These are perfect. Comes with a few types of screws including the kind that goes in the back of a tv in two different lengths. You can install it in under 5 minutes. Does that ever happen?!

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