Ella’s Safety Child Cabinet Locks | 6 Pack | Baby & Child Proof Drawers, Cabinets, Oven, Toilet Seat, and More | Multi-Purpose Use | No Tools or Drilling Required | Super Strong 3M Adhesive.

March 15, 2017 - Comment
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Kids have an uncanny ability to get into almost anything. Turn your back for even a second, and your tot could have disappeared, and found a way into the cabinet where you keep your fine china. Just like that poof! all of Grandma’s heirlooms are smashed on the floor.

Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. But still kids are curious. It’s in their nature. So who’s really to blame if they manage to crack open a cabinet full of valuables or even worse, dangerous objects? That’s where their parents come in!

It’s only natural that kids are curious, and it’s only natural that parents are protective. So protect your kid with this 4-pack of childproof locks from Ella’s Homes, one of the leading manufacturers of childproofing equipment in the US. They’re effective, easy to use, and easy to install.

FEATURES Screwless and toolless installation a simple adhesive backing provides a strong hold One-touch operation – kids won’t be able to figure out how to slide the button open, but it’s a cinch for adults. 3M adhesives for extra hold Flexible and adjustable design allows installation on just about any size cabinet and even on toilets and other oddly-shaped objects. This value pack comes with 4 3M soft-gel corner guards that have a quality fit and are perfect for childproofing sharp furniture that’s at dangerous heights for you child a great all-in-one package for various childproofing needs. GUARANTEED QUALITY

High quality, ease of installation, and ease of use combine to create a wonderful product. With products like this, it’s no wonder that Ella’s Homes is one of the leading childproof manufacturers in the US. And with a 30-day money back guarantee, you don’t have to worry about product quality focus on protecting your kids.

. This pack includes 4 child locks and 4 free corner guards.

Product Features

  • ✓ BEST VALUE: Get America’s #1 child safety lock at a bargain-basement price – without skimping on quality. Our technology is tested to top performance standards, and built both to be incredibly easy to use and simple to operate, minimizing inconvenience and maximizing safety.
  • ✓ MULTIPLE USES: So often, we don’t know exactly what we should protect in our homes – cabinets? Appliances? Toilet seats? Trash cans? Don’t worry – you can apply these locks anywhere you need to, and move them if necessary – the high quality 3M adhesive backing is strong yet removable, and additional adhesive gel gives you a secure fit if you decide to move a lock.
  • ✓ EASY ADULT ACCESS: Ever seen a kid trying to open a pill bottle? It’s so simple for an adult – just push down on the top or side, and align the siders. Boom. That’s the same design methodology used in these locks. They’re easy to use for adults, but nearly impossible for a child to figure out – and even if they can, they lack the finger strength to easily depress the buttons.
  • ✓ NO TOXIC MATERIALS : Some other baby products on the market are made from lower-quality materials, but this adhesive baby lock is made from only non-toxic RoHS approved materials that are thoroughly lab-tested to ensure that you won’t be bringing anything dangerous into your home, and won’t have to fear accidentally harming your child with the very device built to protect them.
  • ✓ BUY NOW WITH ONE CLICK: If you don’t’ like it – return it. We stand behind our products 100%, so you can return any of our products within 30 days, and you’ll get a hassle-free, easy refund. So don’t let your child’s safety wait any longer. Turn your home from easy pickings into Fort Knox today by locking it down with Ella’s Child Safety Locks.


EKM says:

Breaking We absolutely loved these and ordered more using them all over our house. But within two months of having them on our doors in the bathroom and kitchen they began snapping in half where the strap meets the white cap. So disappointing. Would have given them a 5 star otherwise.

Amazon Customer says:

Works great on my fridge Works great on my fridge, but the plastic piece slides out when my son messes with the doors in the house and once it’s out you can’t get it back into the stable side. Worked for about a day on the doors in the house, waste of money.

Katie says:

They work! I bought a set top try them out since they were so highly rated…..and then I bought another setThey work so well

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