Fantastic Zone Light Up Dancing and Singing Musical Duck Toy – Infant, Baby and Toddler Musical and Educational Toy for Girls and Boys Kids or Toddlers

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1-The duck has a button on top of its head that when pushed, it will trigger the bump and go motion within the toy, it will sing a fun sing-a-long tune, flap, and light up its wings.
2-The music and bright colors are fun and appealing, but the toy also comes with five different buttons. One is a sound effect that imitates a duck sound, there is a song button, a melody button, a button that allows the duck to talk, and a heart button that make a warm heart thumping sound. The duck also has a little baby duckling that, if pushed it will quack like a duckling and light up it mom’s wings. All of these sounds are fun to hear and sing with, but in case a silent environment is needed, the sound can be adjusted to mute, low, or regular.

FEATURES: Bump and Go Action, Wings flap and light up when music begins, Lights, Music, and Talks (Adjustable Volume), Buttons on duck imitate duck sound and sing a tune when pushed, 3AA batteries.

What it does:
1- has 4 color buttons on stomach
a – first button- picture of a star – makes different duck sounds
b – 2nd button – pictures of a duck with musical notes – plays 2 different tunes
c- 3rd button- picture of star with musical notes – plays another 3 tunes
d – 4th button- picture of a duck – says uh oh
2- Has a red heart on stomach – when pressed it makes the sound of a beating heart
3- Has a little duck in the stomach – when pushed down it says “quack quack”
4- when the hair on the head is pushed down the duck dances around while:
a- flapping its arms – which keep lighting up
b – opening and closing its eyes
c – moving its mouth opens and closed
d – the hearts light keeps light up

Anytime the duck bags into something it just back up and goes another way instead of just being stuck. It even works on carpet – it works a little smoother and quicker on floor, but works fine on carpet as well

Product Features

  • Stimulate Baby’S Growth: The best fun your baby can have is through learning and growing – the musical duck will keep your child happy through his or her early development stages!
  • Different Modes for Lots of Fun: With six different buttons located on its chest that play melodies, activated voices, and flash lights, every day is going to be a new adventure for your toddler!
  • Playes Fun Music: Vibrant Colors, songs, and dancing all preinstalled incorporates 3hip-hop songs with distinct rhythms, Express your love with this musical yellow flapping duck. Make play time a fun time!
  • Vibrant Attractive Colors: From the duck’s eyes, to its wings and body, it is highly visually stimulating showing your baby a bunch of colors and lights – your toddler will learn about colors and have fun!
  • Cute Movements: The duck sings fun and happy tunes while flapping and lighting up its wings. the child will enjoy dancing and moving with the attractive moving function of the duck.This fun toy makes a great holiday gift or birthday present for both boys and girls.


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