Fisher-Price Bubble Mower

July 4, 2017 - Comment
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More bubble action than ever! Helping mom or dad “mow” the lawn is so much fun with the Fisher-Price Bubble Mower-now with more bubbles than ever! It looks like a lawnmower-roll it along and the motor spins. It sounds like a lawnmower too-but it blows lots and lots of bubbles. Learning to accomplish a “grownup” task like mowing the lawn nurtures self-confidence. Blows bubbles on grass, sidewalks, driveways-just about anywhere!

Product Features

  • More bubbles than ever! Realistic sounds!
  • Roll along to see motor spin!
  • Blows bubbles on grass, sidewalks, driveways
  • Lighter handle-easier to push and pull and helps prevent tip-overs
  • Bubble solution included


Ben and Amanda says:

Bubble solution spills out easily! Although my toddler daughter and my elementary aged daughter love this bubble mower, it has a few design flaws. It is obviously a toy made for a toddler or younger children to use, but yet the bubbles can be dumped out very easily. The bubble solution gets dumped into an outside compartment that has no lid and is easily accessed by small hands and mouths! The bubble mower definitely needs a more secure tank for the bubble solution so that my toddler cant easily get to the bubble solution…

Heather says:

Nice little mower, perfect for toddlers. My two year old really loves this mower. The bubble solution didn’t last long as it is a pretty small bottle, but, she just likes following her Daddy around the yard while he is mowing. Bubbles not necessary. I’d say it pushes very easily in our thick grass and it makes “mowing” sounds when the wheels turn. Overall I am very happy with this purchase and I would definitely recommend it.For reference, she is about 36″, so I have included a photo with my review.

Meghan says:

So-So Blow I bought this item because I still fondly remember my own bubble mower from when I was little. For the price this is not a bad item. It’s fun for little ones to push around and makes great mower sounds. That being said, the mower needs to be pushed at a full speed run to produce any bubbles, too fast for a young child. I can’t say I remember my old bubble mower from the 80’s being this difficult. Although this one doesn’t seem badly made overall, it does seem that there is a lot of air…

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