Flat Screen TV & Furniture Anti tip Safety Wall Anchor Straps, Earthquake Safe, Child & Baby Proof, with Magnetic Stud Finder & Mounting Hardware, by Protect Ur Kid (8 Pack)

July 15, 2017 - Comment
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How Much Is Your Child’s Safety Worth To You?

Most parents think that their babies are not strong enough to climb on furniture, while they are confident that they have taught their toddlers or young children how to safely navigate their surroundings.

However, as babies and toddlers lack fine motor coordination skills, they are very prone to getting themselves hurt – before you could do anything to protect them.

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Every 24 Minutes, One Child In The U.S. Is Hurt By A Falling TV Or Piece Of Furniture!

Isn’t it time you did something to ensure that your precious baby does not become yet another statistic?

Be Proactive – Invest In The Best Anti-Tip TV & Furniture Straps, Today!

Check out our product’s amazing features & benefits:

– Inexpensive & Effective: Buy multiple strap sets to install in every room of your house, garage & at the grandparents’ or caregivers’ place!

– Painless Installation with FREE, bolts, screws, magnetic stud finder & pencil!

– Earthquake & Anti-Theft Protection: NOTHING will fall out of place, in the event of a natural disaster or a home intrusion!

– Finest Protection For Your Pets, Too: Active pups or agile cats will NOT be able to destroy your prized electronics, damage your pricey furniture OR injure themselves, either!

You’re A Few Clicks Away From The Finest Level Of At-Home Safety

Choosing the ProtectUrKid Anti-Tip TV & Furniture Straps is the best purchase you will make, for the duration of your baby’s childhood – and we can guarantee that!

If you are, for whatever reason, dissatisfied, we will REFUND your every last penny!

Are You Going To Go Another Day Risking Your Child’s Well-Being?

Click Add To Cart NOW, While Supplies Last!

Product Features

  • AMAZING VALUE! 8-PACK WITH MOUNTING HARDWARE + BONUS MAGNETIC STUD FINDER, PENCIL & EBOOK: Dare to compare! The best tip-resistant kit on the market! No other anti-tipping product combines our quality, price point, PLUS outstanding gifts! This no-tip bundle will make keeping your toddler SAFE from topple-over accidents a breeze, and will help you create the safest home environment for your beloved child! And most importantly, it will secure your baby the way he or she deserves!
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: You can attach our heavy duty straps to all kinds of furniture, from a chair to a bookshelf. They can be attached to a dresser, armoire, TV stand, entertainment center, cabinet, drawer chest, bunk bed, bookcase, wardrobe, or anything else! This anchoring device is a child-proofing tie-down system essential for securing furniture around the home, be it at the office, living room, garage, and kitchen, and even over at the grandparents’ house.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR A HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION: Each pack of 8 anchors comes with detailed instructions, as well as a variety of bolts and screws, facilitating bracket adherence either to TV VESA mounting holes, wooden dressers, or walls. Tether your shelves, drawers and bookcases with this restraint with ease. All you need to do to stop them from moving is take out your drill, screwdriver, and a measuring tape, and you’re MINUTES away from protecting your precious child from harm!
  • HIGHEST QUALITY STRAPS FOR ULTIMATE SECURITY: Designed to withstand long-term use and daily wear and tear, our straps are made of durable propylene webbing and sturdy ABS plastic, providing you with a foolproof preventative measure for making life at home safe for the little members of the family, who are in need of utmost protection. Mount any piece of furniture with our fasteners and they will safely hold it in its place, and even remain hidden behind furniture.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!: We are offering you a risk-free purchase of our products. In the unlikely event our kits do not exceed your expectations, you are FREE to return the product in exchange for a FULL refund of your purchase. Get The Best Anti-Tip TV & Furniture Strap 8-Pack On Amazon Now!


Jacob says:

Strong and secure I got these about a month back, and have to say they’re holding up great. 

SW says:

… furniture safety is very important and many people (even intelligent people! ) are unaware of the dangers of … TV & furniture safety is very important and many people (even intelligent people!) are unaware of the dangers of tip overs. I must admit that I was quite ignorant of the idea of my TV falling and smashing on my kid it was simply not on my mind, it was just one of those things that would never happen to me, but one day I came across the stories of Katie and Meghan – 2 children that were tragically killed by furniture tip overs. That hit me on the head! I didn’t want that to happen to me! So…

Amazon Customer says:

This Combination is just AMAZING! This Combination is just AMAZING! Excellent quality straps! all the hardware needed! plus the Magnetic Stud Finder and Pencil! Didn’t have to run around looking for a stud finder or drill unnecessary holes in my walls! Almost everything i needed in one package!  For a reasonable price! It’s simply GENIUS!

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