Fun Baby Bath Toy Organizer Holds Lots of Tub Toys, Delights Children, Scoop, Rinse and Drain, 2 Suction Cups and Self Sticking Hook, – Blue

March 20, 2017 - Comment
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FUN BABY BATH TOY ORGANIZER from Lulu and Buddy is the finest storage idea for your toddler’s bath toys. It’s very easy to mount on the wall of your tub area. Uses TWO secure suction cup to attach or quickly remove. Also comes with ONE SELF ADHESIVE HOOK for hard to attach surfaces. USE AS HANDY TOY SCOOP by using handle to quickly scoop up bath toys floating in the water. Helps your child learn neatness and organization habits. Plus, toddlers just love to play with the scoop in the water with their toys. Holes built into the front of the scoop let water drain. 6 FUN VIBRANT COLORS – Choose your favorite from red, blue, yellow, pink, purple, and green. Children love the delightful colors that make it seem more like a toy than the practical accessory it is. Encourages imagination and healthy play for better child development. BATH TOY HOLDER KEEPS TOYS ORANIZED. You no longer have to perch toys along the side of the tub or have them scattered across the bathroom floor. Now toys have their proper place in this fabulous Bath Toy Storage idea. Your toddler will LOVE picking up their toys and putting them away at the end of bath time. REMINDS KIDS OF LADY BUG & BUTTERFLY! Some children say this Toy Holder Organizer reminds them of a friendly sea animal. We have to agree! No doubt about it, this is good clean fun for any child and a helping hand for busy parents. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE makes this a risk free purchase. People everywhere are buying these and they are going fast. BUY YOURS NOW before supplies run out. This also makes a perfect gift. Give to friends, family, and co-workers – anyone who has a baby, toddler or child.

Product Features

  • KEEPS TOYS ORGANIZED and ready for your child to enjoy. Holds a large number of small bath toys, standing ready for the next time your toddler takes a bath. No more perching toys around the edge of the tub.
  • NOW AVAILABLE WITH TWO SUCTION CUPS AND SELF ADHESIVE HOOK! It’s much easier to get your child in the tub when they can look forward to this colorful Fun Baby Bath Toy Organizer. Choose from 6 EXCITING COLORS including red, blue, green, pink, purple and yellow.
  • DOUBLES AS HANDY SCOOP AND RINSE complete with handle and built-in drain holes. Use for washing child’s hair or to quickly scoop up all the floating toys. Makes it a snap to wash toys and keep them clean.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION AND SAFE FOR BABY – built with 100% safe materials with no small parts to choke on. Uses steady suction cup to firmly attach to wall for the ultimate toy storage.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with Lifetime Warranty insures this will be your no-risk purchase. Everyone wants this Baby Bath Toy Organizer. BUY YOURS NOW at this super affordable price before supplies run out. Makes a great gift for grand child, friend, family, or co-workers.


John S. says:

Overall Happy with the product! Overall Im really happy with this product we havent had any issues with it and all of my boys toys fit just fine. Its a lot shipper than other brands and it does the job for us.

Anold A. says:

It’s perfect I bought it to hold all of my son’s bath toys and it holds a lot of them (he has a ton of bath toys). We’ve picked out the favorites and fill up the organizer after every bath. I’ve read a lot of reviews (this is how i made my choice) and I haven’t had any issues with it not sticking to my tile wall. Its been hanging there for months now and i have an 18 month old who likes to get his hands on everything! I’m happy with my purchase and I feel like I got a great product for my money. I would…

Lee R. says:

We have two and they are amazing! They stick well and when you are done … We have two and they are amazing! They stick well and when you are done with them they remove easily too!

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