Furniture and TV Anti-Tip Straps Baby Safety Metal Buckles straps. Best Detachable Wall Anchor. Bolts and Hardware Included (2 Pack). Free 6 Outlet Plugs Included by DR.Safety Straps

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Dr Safety Straps USA: Anchor safely your TV or furniture to prevent them from tipping over with DR SAFETY STRAPS USA heavy duty anti-tip TV & furniture straps. The best quality manufacture for premium anti-tip safety, our TV safety straps safeguard your children against accidents and protect your TV set against earthquakes.

WHY Dr Safety Straps USA?


: Furniture straps are simple, but very effective. They’re usually made out of high-impact ABS or other durable materials, consisting of an anchor end, a clip end, and a durable band of high-tensile strength fabric attaching the two. The clip end is strapped to the furniture, the anchor end is attached to the wall, and just like that, you’re done safe, secure, and totally easy. FEATURES:

Proven protection that’s lab-tested for ease of use and durability. High quality ABS plastic and durable construction VESA-compatible mounting bracket for TVs Simple 3-step installation with included instructions and tools High quality metal installation hardware Bonus 6 free outlet plugs to secure your kids from electricity by plugging the outlets. CLICK ADD TO CART NOW!! And increase your baby and kids safety with DR Safety Straps USA 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED These straps are easy-to-use, easy to install, and give you peace of mind, knowing that your TV or furniture is safely and securely strapped and secured. And with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee backed by our great customer service team, you’re in good hands when you buy our product.

Product Features

  • TV STRAPS All Metal Buckles No Plastic Parts- Peace of mind that your child is safe. Made of Premium Heavy Duty Straps and Solid Metal Parts. You Can Rest Assured Your Baby is Safe By Dr. Safety USA! Our Anti-Tip TV and Furniture Straps DON’T Use Any Cheap Plastic Parts, Why To Use Other Cheap Straps while We Offer you The Best Quality Straps.
  • TV SAFETY STRAPS Best Straps To Anchor Furniture, TV, Bookshelves,Cabinets- DESIGNED for Small to Large Size TV or FURNITURE. Straps are Long Enough an Adjustable, Use 2 Straps to Anchor Any TV or Cabinet You Have So Your Baby Is Safe And Have Peace Of Mind.
  • FURNITURE STRAPS WITH ALL Hardware Included With Instructions:-You will find all necessary Screws And Bolts Included To Secure Your TV and Furniture And the Complete Instructions Are Included In The Nice Green Package.
  • ALSO Free Bonus 6 Outlet Plugs Included- Complete Your Baby Safety By Outlet Plugs that Is an Important Part We think Should Be Included To Rest And Your Baby is Playing Around And Safe
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- When you buy our wall straps, the worst case scenario you don’t like them, and get a 100% refund of your money, but the best case scenario you get the best furniture/ TV straps and secure then, then your babies are safe.


shadi shaltaf says:

Great product, perfect for the job. I bought these straps because my son started crawling around the house.The straps are very well made, with nice solid metal plates, and they are very sturdy, I think they are designed to hold more than just a tv.The installation is easy and the package included all the necessary bolts for my tv and a few extra of different sizes. The 6 velcros I used them to tie the cables behind the tv and sound system and now I can vacuum more easily.Great product, very well made.

Amazon Customer says:

Great straps for my tv Installed quickly, cleanly, and completely with my 70″ Samsung tv. I don’t know about other TV models that other reviewers may have had with the included hardware (read: bolts/screws), but I imagine we’re talking about user error here. I love that all the non-nylon components are metal – this is a BIG deal when securing an expensive appliance – and the straps are easily adjustable without having to use additional tools (very convenient if adjusting the orientation of the TV, we just got a…

Amazon Customer says:

i like them, i recieved a detailed email from the … I bought this strap last week , i like them , i recieved a detailed email from the seller how to install with images, was easy . They are nice metal not plastic like others , i love em , yes and yes

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