grabease First Self Feeding Utensil Set of Spoon and Fork for Toddlers (orange)

June 9, 2017 - Comment
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Grabease utensils are one of the safest way for toddlers to start self-feeding. Grabease are designed to give toddlers the opportunity to eat independently with a proportional tool for their natural hand grasp and motion with a choke protection shield. Details of our design: Ergonomically designed handle – for a more natural hand feeding motion. Choke protection barrier- Safe for baby self-feeding to promote confidence during independent eating. Great utensil starter for children in their baby led weaning stage to toddler eating. Highly recommended by occupational therapist for children’s finger strength development. Grabease spoon and fork are boxed in chic packaging complying with all USA regulations – BPA Free, non-toxic plastic, Phthalates free.

Product Features

  • Choke Protection Barrier – safest utensil for baby and toddler self feeding
  • Short Handle – proportionately sized for little hands. BPA free.
  • Ergonomically Design Handle – to suit babies natural vertical hand grasp and motion
  • Recommended by Occupational Therapists – strengthens fingers muscles and supports gentle motor development
  • In the Packaging – grabease set of spoon and fork in a chic box.


Kristian Kellum says:

Easy handling I’ve been following Grabease on instagram for a while now and have kind of just thought “oh it’s just another fork and spoon thing..” until I saw a video they posted with a little kid trying to eat strawberries out of a bowl with a regular-sized kid fork and then he tried with the Grabease and it seemed so much easier for him! I ordered the orange pair for my 16 month old and have already noticed a difference. He still eats a lot with his hands because he hasn’t been able to figure out…

Cief says:

Great option for kids with different abilities and can be used in either hand I purchased these for my 21 month grandson to try. He has limited hand function due to a condition from birth. The short length and round end make them easy to hold onto and can be used at any angle to get food to the mouth. I had another 2 and a half year old without any limitations try these and she found them easy to use. There are few utensil options for children that allow use of the left hand, but these can be used in either hand. I noticed on the outside of the box “recommended by…

KMRHK says:

one of my favorite baby items to date! These are WONDERFUL utentils for chubby little hands! My 15 month-old is very independent (or likes to think she is) and is intent on self-feeding. I find that even some of the toddler utensils on the market are too long, cumbersome, etc. for her to use, but these are perfect. They’re also made for the specific grab that most toddlers make when trying to use utensils (i,e. cover the entire top of the utensil.) Another nice feature is the ring that rims the edges of the handle, so your little…

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