Huggies Overnites Diapers, Size 6, 54 Count

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Say goodnight to midnight changes with HUGGIES OverNites Diapers. Designed for sleep, HUGGIES OverNites have maximum absorbent to help stop nighttime leaks. The trusted Leak Lock System provides up to 12 hours of protection, while the SnugFit waistband and Double Grip Strips ensure a secure fit through every toss and turn. The embossed liner and breathable outer cover also work together to lock away wetness and help baby’s skin breathe. Combined, they help keep your baby dry and comfortable from the last sleepy yawn at bedtime to the first sweet smile in the morning. These super-absorbent overnight diapers are available in sizes 3 to 6 for babies and toddlers 16-35+ lb., and they feature adorable Disney Mickey Mouse designs. Everyone deserves a better night’s sleep. For all-night protection and a more restful night, choose the #1 Selling Nighttime Diaper – HUGGIES OverNites. (based on nighttime diaper category sales)

Product Features

  • Scientifically designed for sleep
  • Outstanding comfort and dryness for a more peaceful night’s sleep
  • Our most absorbent diaper for up to 12 hours of protection
  • #1 Selling Nighttime Diaper (based on nighttime diaper category sales)
  • Size 6 HUGGIES OverNites Diapers fit babies and toddlers over 35 lb.


Amazon Addict says:

Holds so much pee… so much!! I have 3 boys and I have used this product with all 3. It’s amazing. My children are all nightime urinaters… they pee a lot. My oldest would pee through a regular day time huggies diaper at night and my youngest is the same. These nightime diapers do not leak. Sometimes my husband does the morning rutine and sometimes he forgets to change the 2 boys that are still in diapers, when I get up to change them, the diapers are so so full of pee… but no leaks! It’s good and bad. If there…

Diane says:

Worked for months; new version is AWFUL! Ever since Pampers discontinued their overnight diaper, we’ve been on the hunt for a brand with great overnight protection. For several months, a Huggies provided exactly what we needed and we never had one issue with overnight leaks. We have subscribe and save and they have always delivered the exact same product every other month until our December delivery. The diapers delivered this month were thinner and did not include Huggies codes on the packaging. We’ve had to start doubling up because…

Rlorentz says:

Bring back the old version. I’ve been using Huggies overnights since my son was four months old. Our ped recommended it and up until now, I loved it. Told all my friends with babies about it. But I noticed a change in the product recently. Very thin material, and didn’t seem as strong as the old one. I still used it, and my son, who is two now, leaks through them almost every night. I’m surprised and quite disappointed. I’m now researching for new overnight diapers. Huggies, please bring back the old version. They were…

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