IshBee Grey Boy & Girl Baby Diaper Caddy & Stacker |Large Car & Home Newborn Storage Bin|Portable 16″x12″x8″ Kids Toy Organizer Basket|Baby Shower Gift & Registry Must Haves For Nursery Essentials

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Why was the IshBee Baby Diaper Caddy invented?

When we created the Ishbee Diaper Caddy we wanted to find a problem and solve it. While doing extensive research, we found many unhappy customers that had one major issue, and it was with standard size diaper caddies. They felt that the standard size diaper caddies weren’t large enough to hold the amount of diapers & other baby essentials, so we made this product 2x larger (16″x10’x8″) with the customer in mind

Why Should You Buy This Product?

This diaper caddy is one of a kind. There are removable Velcro dividers, so that you can customize it to fit your needs. Keep all your baby items in one place. Also, you can use this caddy storage basket for your personal items too. It’s just that large!

Fall in Love with Convenience!

No more running out of diapers & wipes and having to rush to the nursery for backups.You don’t have to always change the baby in the nursery on the changing table. The IshBee baby caddy provides you with the ability to have everything in one place, so you’ll be flexible enough to change the baby on the floor, the bed, or even the couch.

Being a Mom is a Fashion Show

You must consider many things when shopping for an item such as:

✅Does the color match your home décor?

✅Is this item cheap or quality?

✅Can you see yourself carrying it in public?

The IshBee Baby Organizer Caddy meets all those requirements. The neutral grey felt will match any home, it’ll blend right into your nursery. The brown leather straps transform this baby caddy into the ultimate fashion statement for moms.

Add this IshBee Baby Organizer Caddy to your Baby Registry today and organize your way into motherhood!

Product Features

  • ✅THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF SPACE- Standard size diaper caddies aren’t enough space to hold the right amount of baby essentials. That’s all right! You don’t have worry about leaving your baby essentials behind because the standard size isn’t large enough. This 16″x12″x8″diaper caddy has enough room to store items for two infants.
  • ✅ADJUSTABLE TO MEET YOUR NEEDS- Easily remove Velcro inserts to customize your baby caddy to fit your baby essentials. Quality Velcro inserts makes it possible to adjust your baby diaper tote for many uses. Use it for a baby nursery storage caddy, toy bin, or baby shower hamper.
  • ✅LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE- This extra light felt material is 11 ounces (less than 1 pound) making it easy carry and take on the road.
  • ✅#1 BABY REGISTRY GIFT- The Ishbee Baby Caddy is mom’s #1 choice for their baby registry. This the ideal gift for a baby shower!!
  • ✅MAKE A FASHION STATEMENT- This neutral caddy for baby boys & baby girls. The felt soft stylish material with brown leather straps, this bag is screaming for attention. No more keeping your diaper storage caddy in the house because it doesn’t match the occasion. This grey baby caddy organizer matches any occasion and fashionable for all mom’s that love fashion!


Valencia.beckwith says:

I highly recommend this product! First off I’d like to say when I saw this organizer I fell in love! It is so chic, stylish, and compact absolute quality. It hold everything and keeps my nursery organized at the same time. I must mention that it is also portable you can bring it along with you if need be and it won’t take up tons of space. When I ordered this product it arrived so quickly and it looked even better than i imagined it would woahhhh. This is a must have for every parent out there… Be organized, and make a…

Linda says:

Exceeded expectations This is the best baby organizer I have ever seen. This holds more items than any other organizer we have used. I cant wait to recommend to friends.

Rebecca Stejakoski says:

Take it from room to room for easy access for all my daughter’s need to use items Very convenient. Take it from room to room for easy access for all my daughter’s need to use items.. Cool looking design.

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