Jerrybox Smart Thermometer for Kids, Baby Temperature Monitor, Portable Infrared Thermometer with Free App for iOS, Measure and Monitor Temperatures of Body and Many Different Objects

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The Jerrybox smart thermometer is specially designed for taking and tracking your family’s body temperatures in the app via iOS devices. It is an innovative gadget for your family’s health!

User-Friendly App
The app is designed to help monitor the trends of your basic body temperature (BBT), which can be seen weekly, monthly, and quarterly. It can also reliably keep a real-time body temperature monitoring record, which can be shared with your doctor by clicking “Export” to send in an email. Add as many family members as you want!

Body Temperature Measurement:
1. Plug the Jerrybox thermometer into the earphone port and open the app.
2. In the ear temperature measurement mode, plug the probe into the ear canal and click “Start” to measure.
3. After 1 second, check the readings on your phone.

Object Temperature Measurement:
1. In the object temperature measurement mode, aim the probe at the object in a distance of 0.3-0.7 inches (1-2 cm) and click “Start” to measure.
2. If the container has excellent thermal conductivity, use vertical measurement.
3. Do not insert the probe into liquid; otherwise, the thermometer will be damaged.

Technical Specifications:
Length: 2.2 inches (57 mm)
Diameter: 0.5 inches (13 mm)
Weight: 10 g
Material: medical-class ABS
Measuring method: infrared induction
Working ambient temperature: 60.8-95 ℉ (16-35 ℃)
Relative humidity: ≤ 85%
Body temperature range: 93.2-108 ℉ (34.0-42.2 ℃)
Body temperature precision: ±0.36 ℉ (±0.2 ℃)
Object temperature range: 32-212 ℉ (0-100 ℃)
Object temperature precision: ±0.9 ℉ (±0.5 ℃)

Package Contents:
1 × Jerrybox Smart Thermometer
1 × Extension Cord
1 × Pouch
1 × User Manual

Product Features

  • Smart iOS App: Supports iOS 7.0 and above; can be easily downloaded by scanning the QR or searching “Jerrybox” in the App Store; records and tracks your family’s body temperatures on a chart
  • Multi-Task: Generally measures body temperatures for your whole family, specially suitable for tracking your baby’s fever; also provides extra convenience to measure temperatures of different objects such as milk, red wine, bath water, etc, therefore keeps them in a normal temperature for ultimate safety and health
  • Quick and Accurate: Features a high-precision medical non-contact sensor that delivers an accuracy of ± 0.36 ℉ (± 0.2 ℃); gives precise readings in just 1 second, which is 300 times faster than that of a common mercury thermometer
  • Portable and Battery-Free: Lightweight, convenient and easy to take around with you; fits easily in the pocket or handbag, perfect for travel, business and home use; no batteries required thanks to its eco-friendly low power consumption technology
  • Safe and Comfortable: Made of premium medical-grade ABS material for safe and reliable long-term use; ergonomically engineered for superior comfort in your ear canal


Telliey Renee says:

Practical and useful Absolutely love this thing!! It gives a pretty accurate reading. The first day I had it I measured everything from my children’s temp to the fireplace. It’s a useful and easily accessible tool and I love that the app is so user friendly. Everyone can have their own profile so you can keep up with temps. This is especially important to me as a mother of 2.

Amazon Customer says:

Works as Promised Product works as promised. As a nurse I find this extremly user friendly. Great for new mothers, toddlers, elderly, even grumpy husbands.

Vet87 says:

Works Great! Works Great! Easy to download app, set settings, plug in, operate. Impressive!

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