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Kanga Care Wet Bags are designed as a small, portable diaper pail to store your dirty cloth diapers while you are on the go. Each Wet Bag stands roughly 15 inches tall and will hold approximately 15 cloth diapers and inserts. Kanga Care Wet Bags are designed with an exclusive 3D shape that allows for more volume and storage. Each Kanga Care Wet Bag has a color matching, heavy-duty, easy to grab zipper that is placed on the front so the top of the bag functions as a lid. There is a strap on top that can be opened secured by an industrial strength snap so that the bag can be attached to a stroller handle, doorknob, or any other ideal hanging place. Wet bags are also popular around the house for storing small items, toys, as well as ideal for travel, sports and even camping. A million and one uses!

Product Features

  • Seam Sealed using “Barrier Seam Sealing” technology
  • Holds 15+ soiled cloth diapers and inserts
  • Heavy duty handle and YKK zipper
  • Kanga Care exclusive 3D Design
  • Multiple different uses


Kiwi says:

Best wet bags in existence I’ve been using mine for over 2 years, and they’re still like new. Hands down the best wet bags we’ve had, and we tried quite a few. These pack up small, but fit a whole day’s worth of diapers, or the whole family’s wet swimsuits, or an entire vacation’s worth of cloth wipes/napkins. I like the solid color options that don’t look out of place hanging around in the house; I find a lot of baby/children’s products are very “cutesy” or busy-looking. The snap-on handle is big enough and…

Holly G says:

Sturdy, smell-proof, and cute: just buy two! This diaper bag is as good as they come. We’ve been using it constantly for about three months, and it has held up well and exceeded my expectations. The bag is generously sized; it holds 13-14 prefolds, plus enough cloth wipes for that many diapers, and 3-4 covers (see photo). The seams and hanging loop are up to the task of holding that much weight without straining. The loop has a snap on it, presumably to hang from a towel bar or something similar, but we just hook it over the post of…

Shannon says:

Great affordable bag, but zipper broke after a year of full-time use. This is the first and only wetbag I used for about a year until the zipper completely came off. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, so the entire bag became useless. As other reviews have stated, it has kind of an odd shape, but that didn’t bother me since it worked well otherwise. I ordered a replacement and then it fell behind a drawer and became temporarily lost. I would have given this bag a 4 at that point, but I had to find another bag quickly to use in the meantime until I found my…

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