Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks For Knobs Child Safety Cabinet Latches For Home Safety Strap For Baby Proofing Cabinets Kitchen Door RV No Drill No Screw No Adhesive / Color Black / 5 Pack

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Kiscords baby safety locks are designed by a mom for moms. Many of our straps are assembled and packaged in the USA by people with disabilities. Other door fasteners may damage your cabinets! Ever thought about what could happen to your expensive furniture when you try to remove an adhesive from the doors after 2-3 years? Our latches keep small children safe, and offer the best protection and easy installation with no tools, screws or drill necessary. New parents with little one’s can rest easy that our ties will babyproof their house. After a few tugs on the strap, kids simply give up and leave the knob alone. Our childproofing kit is also great for grandparents needing a temporary locking solution because they won’t scratch or damage kitchen and bathroom cabinets and they are very easy and effective to use. The cords can be removed using just one hand making getting into cupboards a snap. Our child proofing products are time tested and have consistently been a favorite for moms and dads for over 6 years. Unlike magnetic locks, our no drilling or adhesives childproof cord latches are portable and can go anywhere with on the go parents to secure cabinet knobs and keep your new baby out of danger. Our safety products also make for a great gift for a baby shower, birth announcement, or new baby present. New parents will be prepared when their infant begins crawling at 6 months old, the suggested time to baby-proof. Give our child proof safety latch a try and we guarantee you’ll love them or your money back. See our demonstration video at “Kiscords” on YouTube. THEY CAN FIT KNOBS UP TO 6 1/2 INCHES APART DEPENDING ON THE DIAMETER. THESE CORD LOCK CHILD CABINET LATCHES WORK ON KNOBS ONLY AND WILL NOT WORK ON A STRAIGHT CLOSED LOOP HANDLE. If you have handles, please see our other Kiscords safety fastener designed for that purpose.

Product Features

  • THESE CABINET LOCKS ARE DESIGNED TO WORK ONLY ON CABINETS WITH SIDE-BY-SIDE KNOBS. Have handles? See our other product designed specifically for side-by-side straight handles (you can easily find them by clicking on the blue “Kiscords” link located next to the product title in this listing). Also, view our instructional videos on YouTube. Just type in “Kiscords” and click on the instructional video for knobs.
  • KEEP YOUR BABY SAFE FROM ACCIDENTS: This cabinet latch offers the best protection to keep your kids safe without damage to your expensive cupboards. Our cabinet latches are available in white and black colors to match any décor and are perfect for baby proofing kitchens, bathrooms and accessible furniture.
  • NO DRILLING, NO ADHESIVE: Our cabinet straps are easy to install without drilling, screws, magnets or adhesives. They are the perfect solution to childproof your home without damaging your expensive doors and furniture. They easily adjust to secure knobs up to 6 ½ inches apart on center.
  • EASY FOR ADULTS—NOT CHILDREN: Little ones are perplexed by these fasteners and are unable to figure them out. However, parents will love the simplicity…the cords are easy to remove with just one hand and are portable so they can be taken anywhere to keep your toddler safe.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR NEW PARENTS: Great for baby showers and birth announcements. When it comes time to child proof, new parents will be ahead of the game with these child proof cabinet ties. They simply slip them around the knobs and their home is secure. Grandparents and in laws will also love them because they can quickly and easily secure their home for those occasional visits from the little gremlin.


Natalie Carpenter says:

Easy, well designed product This simple design is by far the easiest way to slap safety on your cabinets. My son was over 3 by the time he figured out how to open them. And he’s logical enough now to reason with about what’s inside cabinets. Even though he can open them, though, he rarely feels the needs to do so as they still require some work for him (and he has strong hands). It’s so nice to have found a solution that is easy and doesn’t leave a bunch of broken, hanging pieces of plastic around. It’s been awhile…

Amazon Customer says:

Just what I needed… I agree with the rave reviews of this product. They work like a charm on side by side knobs, they are easy on the cabinets, and you hardly notice they are there. I love the suggestion another reviewer posted about throwing them in your suitcase to easily take and use on trips.

Laura says:

Can use it with handles, not just knobs I’ll add some pictures to demonstrate, but you can use these locks with regular loop handles, not just knobs. Yay! Every cabinet in my house is now baby-proofed. 

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