LALABABY 26 Letters Cloth Card with Cloth bag Early Education Toy for Over 0 Years

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What is a lala toys?
Bring the baby soft, comfortable feeling, enhance learning, fun to play;
With a doll, rattles, BB, buckle, Velcro, safe toy mirror, a variety of tactile training materials, etc., which is based on the needs of learning function, combined with the contents of cloth carefully arranged;
There are a variety of activities within the pieces, to provide the baby with active perception, detection of space ……

Lala toys washing method:
Wash with water or baby special liquid detergent, hanging dry.
Do not use washing powder to avoid contact with harmful substances.

Security for Lala Toys:
– the products used in the main materials, accessories, ingredients, printing dyes, etc., have been repeated testing, testing;
– the company took the initiative to commission the technical supervision and inspection of products on a regular basis;
– in line with the European Union, the United States, Japan’s toy safety standards, the SGS test, the toxicity indicators, better than the EU’s toy safety standards nearly 100 times.

Package includes:

1set/ 26pcs Cloth Card With packaging (Products with a little amount of Chinese)

Product Features

  • ★ Through the color, pattern, letters, words and parent-child interaction in the form of combining, in the process of watching and playing to promote the baby observation, voice, thinking, games, cognitive letters and words, give the baby language enlightenment.
  • ★ These colorful patterns will stimulate the baby’s play fun, the baby play more, the feeling of the language to gradually have.
  • ★ Soft material, handbag shape, easy to carry. 26 letters cloth card, with a pattern.
  • ★ Focus on the letters between the words and the link between the parent-child communication is a good props.
  • ★ The card is filled with sponge in the middle, soft and playable; the front of the card is the English letter and the English word beginning with the letter, the choice of words is not simple and easy to read as the standard, but the card corresponds to the back of the display of animals , Transportation, natural phenomena such as patterns.


Kristy G says:

Slightly disappointed. I’m a little disappointed that there is no English with the actual photo, but rather Chinese writing. I feel as if the English portion looks as tho it’s meant to be a second or backup language being under the letter instead of the photo it is describing. The cards are of so so quality. If it wasn’t such a hassle to return them, I would.

Tabitha Fields says:

The case that comea with these is perfect to keep these together and organized The case that comes with these is perfect to keep these together and organized. These are well made, stand up well in the wash, and a good size for my 6 month old. It’s a little strange that N is for Noah’s Ark. We aren’t religious but I’m still happy with these. Do keep in mind that the side with the picture on it has Chinese on it.

LisaMarie says:

A Unique learning gift for an infant or toddler This product is a delightful new toy in our ABC learning world and I’m so glad it arrived in time for our Christmas celebrations. Thanks so much! I’ll be ordering this again for future friends and family. 😀

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