Motorola Smart Nursery Dream Machine Connected Sound and Light Projector with Audio Monitoring

May 14, 2017 - Comment
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Help your little one sleep soundly with the Motorola Smart Nursery Dream Machine. This connected sound and light projector with audio monitoring is controlled with the Hubble app for smartphones, tablets, and computers. The Smart Nursery Dream Machine comes with a night light/mood light with changing colors, three animated scenes, pre-programmed lullabies to help calm your baby at night. The audio monitoring feature with two-way communication alerts you when your child is upset and allows you to speak to them and sooth them back to sleep. With Motorola’s Smart Nursery Dream Machine, your nursery just got smarter.

Product Features

  • Wi-Fi Wireless connectivity, monitor and control on compatible smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Projector with 3 animated scenes
  • Night light/mood light with changing colors and 5 pre-programmed lullabies
  • Noise detection with alerts and 2-way communication
  • Part of the Motorola Smart Nursery System-works with Smart Nursery 7, Cam, Humidifier+ and Mother and Baby Scale


LT says:

Love this product!!! Love this product! My little one just turned two and we’ve had a sound machine in his room since he was 6 months old. The Motorola Smart Nursery Dream Machine is such an upgrade from a cheaper similar product I had been using. Here are all the reasons I love the Motorola Smart Nursery Dream Machine…. 

Kota says:

way overpriced for the frustrating functionality This dream machine seemed to be exactly what we’re looking for, but it turned out that it added more frustration to our daughter’s sleep issues. For its price, I expected it to work seamlessly but that’s not the case. Here is a list of its functionality along with pros and cons: 

wild animals says:

Four stars because I didn’t need audio monitoring anyway This device is a sound-and-light show with audio monitoring. It’s a smart device, so you have to connect a phone or tablet to use all of the features. Unfortunately, the device won’t play sounds (“lullabies”) unless you connect the device with your phone or tablet via the HubbleConnect app first. I can’t get my phone connected to the device, so I can’t play lullabies. I’m not sure why they didn’t put the sounds/songs on the device before shipping, but I guess it’s so that they can force…

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