Nokia Thermo – Smart Temporal Thermometer

June 25, 2017 - Comment
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Thermo is a game changer. Now a fast, simple, no-contact gesture yields the most precise temperature possible, and automatic sync with the dedicated app also allows you to track temperature readings, get reminders, and input related symptoms & medications for advice right on your smartphone.

Product Features

  • High precision – FDA-cleared Thermo has 16 infrared sensors to provide a highly-accurate result
  • Quick & easy – Ultra-fast measurement with color-coded fever indicator
  • Sanitary – Non-invasive, no-contact measurement
  • Automatic synchronization – Data from every measurement and health advice appear in the Thermo app automatically via Wi-Fi (iOS and Android)
  • Multi-user friendly – Up to 8 users can access their personal temperature history with the ability to share with doctors


Kris S. says:

Amazing thermometer for the family! I love this thermometer. We got it directly from Withings (now Nokia) a few months back for our newborn son. Setting up the profiles was easy and it came in handy for all of us when our daughter became ill with pneumonitis, having temps spike up to 105.6°F. Ultimately, she went to the hospital. But the app keeps great record of all the readings, and gives personalized recommendations. 

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