Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear Boys 2T-3T (Size 4), 80 Count

April 10, 2017 - Comment
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Pampers Easy Ups are the easiest way to underwear! Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear have a 360° stretchy waistband that moves with your toddler, giving him a fit that’s just like real underwear. The elastic waistband helps him to pull up his Easy Ups with ease, like a big boy. They also tear easily at the side seams for easy removal, just in case! Easy Ups are super soft, like cotton underwear, to keep him comfortable, while the Dual LeakGuard Barriers will keep him confident—helping prevent the leaks that can happen when he moves. Plus, Pampers Easy Ups are the only training pants with Extra Absorb Channels to give him the outstanding Pampers Leak Protection he needs during the day AND night. A collection of Thomas the Tank Engine designs will help make potty training fun! Pampers Easy Ups: he’ll think it’s underwear. You’ll know it’s Pampers.

Product Features

  • 360º Stretchy Waistband-for an underwear-like fit that’s easy for your toddler to pull up and down
  • Pampers exclusive Extra Absorb Channels provide outstanding protection against leaks, day or night
  • Dual LeakGuard Barriers help stop leaks where they happen most
  • Super soft, like cotton underwear
  • Easy-tear sides designed to help make removal easy


RinaT says:

They leak overnight! Wow i really do not like this new design. They leak at night and I went through the entire box before my next one arrives. The old design i always had diapers left over each month when my next one arrives, because I didn’t have to change my son in the middle of the night. I now have to wake up constantly at night and check to see how full his pull up is and change him in the middle of the night. I hope I can still find the old onesl

J. Brown says:

First to Worst Old design was great and our go-to pull up. New design is a complete failure. There is less material so they absorb less (so more leaks). They changed the scent and not for the better. They are smaller. They also have a plastic coating/feel to them. I can actually hear(!) difference between these and the old ones. When my son runs around in these, they make a crinkly sound that plastic sometimes makes. This is a total disappointment. 

Redgoldenj says:

The new version feels terrible and leaks all over again NO!! The new version feels terrible and leaks all over! After using these for 10+ yrs on 5 kids, I’m forced to find another brand?! Some change! I’m going all over town trying to buy up the old version while I still can!

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