Pom Perfect Baby Food Feeding Set – Squeeze Dispensing Feeding Spoon | Baby Food Feeder Teether Nibbler | PLUS Fresh Food Masher Feeding Bowl

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The Baby Food Feeder set has been rated for a super healthy, cost-effective, breezy-easy feeding solution for your baby, and with very good reason.

Baby Spoon Squeeze Feeder

Innovation and happy baby are two keywords defining the Baby Feeder Spoon — which removes the jar along with the mess, and makes for happy Mommy-Baby feeding-bonding time. Fill the feeder with some delicious baby food, and just squeeze, using one hand. That’s it!

Baby Feeder Nibbler Teether

A simple, easy-to-use design, this teething feeder allows for babies to gnaw on foods safely. Simply place a piece of fruit, vegetable or even meat into the mesh bag and snap it shut. Baby can chew, suck and taste the whole food goodness, with only small, digestible pieces coming through.

Baby Mash Food Feeding Bowl

The bowl lets you easily and quickly mash up and feed healthy nutritious baby food like fruits and vegetables anywhere, anytime.

Care Instructions

Feeding Spoon Bottle: Rinse or soak in warm, soapy water after use, and/or place in the top rack of dishwasher before first use and every time after that.

Feeder Teether: Wash the product thoroughly in war soapy water (or in the top rack of dishwasher) before first use and every time after that.

Mash Bowl: Rinse or soak in warm, soapy water after use; scrub with soft bristle brush.

Product Features

  • Baby Food Feeder set includes: baby feeder spoon bottle, food feeder for fresh food and steamed vegetables, and food mash baby feeding bowl
  • Baby feeder squeezer spoon dispenses food one bite at a time, holds 3 oz, includes storage cap, and super easy to clean.
  • Baby food feeder teether will nourish your toddler with healthy fresh food and veggie snacks.
  • Baby food masher bowl will prepare healthy fresh food and veggie snacks for your cutie.
  • This infant feeding set is a breeze to use, easy to prepare, dishwasher friendly, and Nitrosamine- BPA- Latex- PVC- and Phthalate-free.


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