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For parents, having a new baby boy or girl is a lovely experience. But changing diapers on the go… not so lovely.

With infants and toddlers, diaper emergencies are a common occurrence. Whether you’re traveling or in public places, your baby simply won’t wait to pee or poo. If there’s a changing station in a nearby restroom, then that’s good. But we bet that most of the time, this won’t always be the case.

For diaper situations like this, we got you covered. The IKKOS Baby Diaper Changing Pad transforms into an instant changing station, so you change your baby’s diapers anytime, anywhere.

IKKOS portable diaper changing station guarantees that your baby will stay clean, dry, and happy at all times. With the pad’s super soft foam and cushioned pillow, every part was designed with your baby’s comfort as a top priority.

The utility of IKKOS diaper changing pad doesn’t stop here:

● It has handy large compartments for storing diapers, wipes, powders, and other baby essentials. Everything you need to get baby changed is within your reach.
● It folds into a portable bag. Lightweight and non-bulky, you can carry the bag through your arms or wrist, or strap it bag into a stroller.
● The wide surface is waterproof, it can be easily wiped clean.
● The fabric materials of Ikkos portable diaper changing station are of durable nature, washing the pad multiple times should cause no problems.
● This diaper changing mat has a stylish appearance, you never be embarrassed to unfurl it in front of many people.

Bid goodbye now to diaper changing stress. Buy IKKOS Baby Diaper Changing Pad now by adding it to your cart TODAY!

Product Features

  • ✅ CHANGE DIAPERS CONVENIENTLY – For quick diaper changes, IKKOS portable diaper changing pad lets you create your own mobile diaper changing station. It has a spacious surface where baby can lie down. Plus, it has multiple pockets for storing diapers, wipes, changing supplies, and carry almost everything you need.
  • ✅ SOFT & COMFORTABLE – With foam thicker than other brands, our baby diaper changing pad has the extra softness your baby will surely love. The inclusion of a cushioned head pillow rounds up the comfy features of our IKKOS item.
  • ✅ EASY TO CLEAN – The IKKOS diaper changing pad is lined with waterproof, wipeable materials. It’s a washable diaper kit, you don’t have to worry anymore about baby’s messy pee and dirty poo.
  • ✅ CARRY THE PAD ANYWHERE – The IKKOS travel-friendly portable changing pad will fold into a change diaper bag. Lightweight and compact, you can carry this bag on your wrist or arm. Or just strap it on a stroller.
  • ✅ BABY SHOWER GIFT IDEA – If you’re not expecting a baby soon, why not give IKKOS diaper changing mat as a gift. Soon-to-be moms or your pregnant friends will be thrilled to receive this present during baby shower parties.


hercules81 says:

Great quality I already had a changing pad, but got this as an extra for the car. I love this one so much it’s going to replace the one I had. Great quality. You won’t regret your purchase.

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