Premium Clear Corner Safety Guards 16 Pcs By Top Line Pro | Strong Adhesive Baby Proofing Corner Bumpers | Protective Cushions For Coffee Tables, Desks, TV Sets, Furniture, Kitchen Countertops & More

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Baby Proof The Apartment In Style With Our Corner Bumpers!

Do you have a baby crawler at home and you worry about his/her safety? Are sometimes are a little bit clumsy yourself and you bump into corners? Are you sick and tired of cheaply made products and you need efficient and long lasting baby protective corner guards?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have the ultimate table bumper proposal for you!

Non Slip Ergonomically Designed Round Ball Bumpers

Our edge corner protectors can be used on various surfaces and areas around. Their non-slip properties along with the durable internal adhesive part will allow them to embrace all corners and keep you and your beloved ones protected.

Place them on any area, either on glass dining tables, tiled countertops, stone surfaces, metal appliances or wooden furniture and so many more!

Multipurpose Flexible Baby Proofing Clear Guards

Protect your child from sharp and hard corners and at the same time keep your house beautiful without ugly foam bumpers.

Easy to apply, utilizing the high quality 3M adhesive not available in other corner guards, they require minimum effort, no drilling, no tools or an expert to do it for you, and they last the longest time! Besides keeping the furniture corners protected, you can keep your walls hole and mark free from all those moving furniture. It has happened to all of us at least once, right?

What are you waiting for? Get your set today and a few extra more just to be absolutely safe!

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Product Features

  • THE ULTIMATE 16 SET CORNER GUARDS: If you want to effectively baby proof the apartment without drilling and creating a mess around, then we got you covered. We have designed the ultimate transparent 8 corner guard set that will keep sharp edges and corners covered and your little ones safe and sound! Create an ultra-protective environment for your baby, infant or toddler and stop worrying about injuries anymore!
  • DURABLE & ECO FRIENDLY CONSTRUCTION CORNER BUMPERS: Forget all about poorly made corner bumpers and trust your furniture on our durable and eco-friendly corner protectors. Made from high quality PVC and 3M High Quality Adhesive, these bumpers are completely odorless, soft and flexible enough to snuggly fit on any corner around the house. Being reusable, saves you a ton of money and energy from running to the stores all the time.
  • POWERFUL 3M ADHESIVE BALL SHAPED SAFETY CORNERS: Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to baby proofing the apartment, cause your family simply deserves the best. Our round shaped safety corners bear strong original 3M adhesive material, not avaliable in other corner guards, applied so you don’t have to worry about messy tapes or bumpers crawling down the floor! You may rest assured that will adhere nice and easy on any surface.
  • HASSLE FREE ADHESIVE REMOVING, NO RESIDUES NO SCRATCHING: Leave behind all those distasteful foam bumpers and invest on our easy to apply and remove baby protective corners. When you feel like removing the cushion guards, you just have to place a warm cloth over the corner, allow the adhesive to soften a little bit, lift from one side and then peel it off. Just in case there is adhesive left, roll it off with your hand!
  • FURNITURE CORNER PROTECTORS WITH VERSATILE USES: Our furniture safety guards have a clear design and will compliment any area they are placed on. Ideal for a house with babies and children of all ages, daycare, preschool, museums, senior housing, hotels and so many other places. Cover sharp edges starting from chairs, coffee tables, kitchen drawers and shelves to cabinets, stairs and all kinds of furniture.


Jan says:

baby bumpers Work great. One doesn’t seem to stay adhered but all other are fine so it maybe someone bumping into before it was properly adhered.

David Stutzman says:

Five Stars This will work great on the sharp corners of the railing we have installed.

ryan bennett says:

Pleased Awesome product with fast shopping. Very pleased

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