Project Nursery Parent + Baby Smartband – Black

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The Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand is a first-of-its-kind wearable device created specifically for parents and powered by world-class technology. From scheduling and tracking events for mom and baby to streamlining digital communications, the SmartBand offers thoughtful features and capabilities to simplify daily family life and keep baby and mom healthy through infancy and beyond.

Product Features

  • Water resistant, touchscreen Smartband with up to 30 days Battery Life
  • Pregnancy Journal: track fetal movements, supplements, exercise progress and doctor’s appointments
  • Track Baby: set schedules for diaper changes, nap times, and feedings; monitor baby’s weight; doctor’s appointment reminders
  • Parent Reminders: keep up with pumping and sleep schedule
  • Fitness: shows steps, calories, distance, and time of day; tracks your weight, exercise, and hydration


CrowsNest says:

Great fitness tracker for expecting and new mommies I am due soon, and I have loved having the ability to track my progress with health and fitness. Throughout pregnancy, proper nutrition and exercise is heavily emphasized, and I found the smartband to be helpful in keeping me on track. The digital display on the band allows for easy access to the basics like date and time, as well as tracking exercise and water consumption. I like being able to input data right from the band, rather than logging in from my phone. It is a great way to track…

Erich Leyendecker says:

Add this to your registry! This smartband has exceeded our expectations! When we found out we were expecting our 3rd child, we searched for a product that would help us stay organized and remind us about our scheduled appointments. With 2 kids in school and participating in sports and other activities, plus both of us working full-time; we needed something to keep us on schedule. Previously we depended on calendar appointments on our phones, however if our phone was not on us, we wouldn’t hear or see the meeting…

Laura Blanford says:

This smartband is so easy to use and incredibly helpful This smartband is so easy to use and incredibly helpful. It comes with a black tracker band te tracker part easily pops out and snaps into it. The wristband is also large enough to fit any size wrist. I was between a small and large in another fitness band; this Smartband fits great and was easy to put on. 

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