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❤ LUXURIOUS NURSING PADS by BabyVoice: Softer Than You Can Imagine.

Professionally Designed Structure of 3 Layers Solves Your Problems with Leaking and Irritated Nipples.

– Have you experienced embarrassing moments whit your wet shirt?
– Do your usual pads leak through?
– Are your nipples suffering from rough materials?
– Have you discovered that disposables waste your money?

Your Solution Is Called BabyVoice Washable Pads!

Feel Safe and Stay Good Looking All Day:BabyVoice breast pads, 12 cm in diameter, contain a 3-layer structure: inner bamboo for your comfort is backed by super absorbent microfiber which has a PUL leak-proof layer behind. The practical off-white creamy color offers you the most universal usability.

Healthy Nipples and Comfortable Breastfeeding: Bamboo viscose is super soft and hypoallergenic. And it gets softer after each wash! You and your baby will love it.

Save $$$, Turn From Disposables to BabyVoice: Economic efficiency and ecological respect goes hand in hand when using BabyVoice reusable pads. Save money and keep our planet clean.

Free Bonus for You: Practical Laundry Bag That Helps You Store and Machine Wash Your Pads and Prolongs Their Lifespan.

Thank You For Helping: We send 1% of product’s price to the diapers charity “Giving Diapers, Giving Hope”.

Amazon Buyers Show Satisfaction With Top Premium Quality In The 90% 5-Star Reviews!

You Are Backed by Our Extended 90 Days No-Question Money Back Guarantee!

This UNIQUE DISCOUNT PRICING Is Time Limited, So Be Sure to BUY NOW!

Product Features

  • ❤ SOFT AS YOUR NEWBORN’S SKIN *** All mothers deserve the best care. BabyVoice pads support you with comfortable relief after feeding your baby. Choose your favourite colours, or buy 2 packs for a better price.
  • ❤ HAPPY MOM, HAPPIER BABY *** BabyVoice bra pads are made from OEKO-TEX certified organic bamboo, that is much softer and more absorbent than cotton or hemp. Protects your sensitive nipples, keeping the area clean and healthy.
  • ❤ FEEL SAFE WITH 100% LEAK-PROOF COVER *** Eliminate the worry of leaks, changing shirts, wet clothes and embarrassment!
  • ❤ COMPLETE NURSING ACCESSORIES SET *** You get a breasting starter kit of 10 breastpads, extra large laundry bag, waterproof travel pouch and 2 free e-books (breast-feeding manual and baby sleeping guide) for one low price. Plus, you get our full 90-day money-back guarantee = No Risk For You! Check discounts bellow for buying more BabyVoice products.
  • ❤ PROTECT THE PLANET FOR YOUR BABY *** With eco nursing pads you reduce waste and support sustainably grown bamboo. Machine washable and simple to care for. Combine with Lansinoh or Medela disposables if needed. Use between pumping. Use with your favourite lanolin cream or ointment.


Cassie Graham says:

Comfortable With my first son, I stopped leaking at 6 weeks, so I only used disposable pads. With my second we are on week 12 and I am still leaking, and after a full day the disposables irritate my skin and make it super itchy, so I decided to try out reusable pads, since it looks like I will be leaking for an extended period of time this time around. 

Lynnphotos says:

i thought that they would be more comfortable than disposable pads i thought that they would be more comfortable than disposable pads. but they are not.they stain easily, and dont seem to wash out well. they stick to you, even if you are constantly leaking, the smallest amount of dried milk, makes them stick to you, and it feels uncomfortable to peel them off. plus they frill around the edge, so its kind of hard to have them sit comfortably in your bra, without everyone looking at your boobs when they look flower shaped >.<

Courttort says:

The flat ones don’t sit on your boob well. The wet bag is small but a nice bonus. The laundry bags is worthless. Mine didn’t even have a zipper so I’m guessing they changed the design recently. These aren’t a bad pad for the price. They have decent absorbancy and are soft and comfortable. One problem with them is that they are flat, so when you put them on your boob and in a bra, the fabric puckers up all around your boob. It doesn’t just sit flat on it. I have some very similar pads from this same company that are sewn to be more in a…

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