Rittle Sea Animals, Cute Floating Light-up Bath Toys (Set of 6)

April 8, 2017 - Comment
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The Cutest and Safest Bath Toys for Babies, Toddlers & Children!
Made with environmentally friendly bpa free materials, this fun toy playset comes with 6 types of sea animals that float and light up. Each set contains a Whale Shark, Shark, Dolphin, Sea Turtle, & Orca Whale to accompany them during bath time. Safe for kids 18 months and up these are top bath toys for boys and girls and make a great gift!
•It will brighten up bath time and make stronger the bonds between you and your child!
•It is perfect for toddlers that hate water and will become the most effective way to turn bathing into a fun activity!
•Keeps your child entertained all the time without your help, providing you with spare time for other activities!
•Every toy animal includes LED that lights up when in contact with water creating a very appealing, desirable environment for your little one! •Treat your child to an exciting new collection of bath toys and get 6 toys for the price of one! They make great birthday gifts, Easter presents and Christmas stocking stuffers too!
These popular bath toys for toddlers offer a fun, educational way to learn about colors and shapes, and they help enhance motor skill development and encourage imagination and creativity.
Easy to Hold for Toddlers & Children
The Rittle Sea Animal’s small, round designs are easy to grip and free of sharp edges, which make them fun to play with for kids of all ages – from babies to 2 year old toddlers to 3 and 4 years old pre school to kindergarten and older children who like to play in the bath tub.
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Product Features

  • Perfect assortment of sea animals guaranteed to brighten up bath time between you and your child!
  • Signature Rittle Sea Animals light up when they touch the water
  • Ideal for Gifting – Individually packaged in a beautiful clear gift box and comes assorted in 6 styles (Shark, Whale Shark, Penguin, Dolphin, Turtle, Orca Whale)
  • Floats in any type of water, great for bath tubs or pools
  • Phthalate & Toxic Free, Ages 12mo+, Air dry before storing


Capstone says:

Read Directions and you should be OK I certainly agree with many of the posts here. BEWARE of high rated items because the manufacturer or seller offers free items for “honest” reviews. This process needs to STOP. 

Leslie B says:

Didn’t last very long Metal sensors on the bottom tend to rust. A few of the toys stopped working after a day. We’ve had them a few weeks now and only 2 are still working. I’ve noticed that if the toy is still wet or sitting right side up (with the sensors on the bottom) they wont turn off. So I dried them off and put them upside down and they turned off pretty quickly. This seemed to keep the ones we have from breaking. Either way I’m pretty disappointed they have not lasted longer considering my kids were really…

ATM says:

BEWARE OF RUSTY METAL!! DO NOT BUY THIS!! Pediatrician/mom here, and these have metal sensors on the bottom, and they leak rust into bath water and onto baby’s hands. I was horrified when I saw him try to put them in his mouth. I completely regret the purchase!

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