Rough, Damaged Cuticle Care & Repair (Anti Aging) – Intensive Moisturizer & Treatment Cream w Argan Oil – All Natural – ‘LOVE Your Cuticles!’ 4.46oz

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Discover the Secret to Well-Groomed Cuticles! Whether you enjoy going to the salon or prefer doing manicures at home, healthy nails with a fresh coat of polish always look great! But if you’re like most people, rough, scraggly cuticles return in just a matter of days. Bad habits can cause them to peel, but repairing your cuticles is easier than you think! To effectively soothe damaged nails, look no further than ‘Love Your Cuticles’ from Vi-Tae! This cuticle-specific moisturizer nourishes your problem area with the vitamins and minerals it needs the most! Sweet Orange and Almond Oil provide Vitamin C and Fatty Acids, while an extra boost of Vitamin E keeps nails looking healthy. Some of the worst offenders against your cuticles are bad habits like biting or cutting them, which only makes the problem worse. Our therapy cream contains hydrating ingredients like Shea Butter, Tea Tree, and Argan Oil to keep the skin soft, pliable, and easy to groom. And don’t worry, ‘Love Your Cuticles’ won’t damage your manicure like other lotions that can soften acrylic nails and dissolve polish. The intensive benefits of our luscious cream are all thanks to our special blend of natural ingredients. Beeswax, Sandalwood, and other oils help bring the pampering home while providing incredible results! It’s safe for all skin types and will have your nails looking better than ever. Why Choose ‘Love Your Cuticles’? -Specially formulated to soothe cuticles. -Nourishes nails with vitamins and minerals. -Hydrates cuticles, making them easier to groom. -Safe to use on manicured nails. -Made from a blend of all-natural ingredients. Each Purchase is Backed with a 1-Year Guarantee – Satisfaction or Your Money Back! *Stock is limited. Order today to ensure availability. Order ‘Love Your Cuticles’ Now and Show Off Your Nails Again!

Product Features

  • Nourish Your Cuticles: Our cuticle-specific moisturizer & repair therapy was formulated with your nails in mind! Loaded Vitamin C, Sweet Orange Oil teams up with fatty acid-rich Almond Oil to feed your cuticles with the vitamins and minerals they need to stay supple and healthy.
  • Soothe Damage: Picking, biting, and even cutting cuticles are some of the leading causes of peeling skin around the nails. To help ease the damage of those bad habits, ‘Love Your Cuticles ‘contains Shea Butter, Tea Tree, and Argan Oil to keep your skin soft and pliable.
  • Manicure-Safe: Just back from the nail salon? No problem! We crafted ‘Love Your Cuticles’ to contain only manicure-safe ingredients. From a fresh coat of polish to some in-home pampering, our moisturizer will keep your nails hydrated and looking great.
  • All Natural Ingredients – Made in the USA with lots of LOVE: When the earth provides so many great resources, why settle for anything artificial? With natural ingredients like Argan Oil, Beeswax, Sandalwood Oil, and a boost of Vitamin E, ‘Love Your Cuticles’ effectively treats your problem area without the fillers!
  • Try Risk Free From A Trusted Brand – Your Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our rich, cuticle-specific moisturizing repair & therapy cream can tackle even the most severely damaged cuticles! *** Your COMPLETE SATISFACTION is assured with our EXTENDED 1 YEAR, No Questions Asked, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


Alexa says:

amazingly moisturizing….I love this product I just received the Love Your Cuticles, Love Your Hands and Love Your Heels. All of the products are amazing. I work with paper, and my hands dry out form it, and my cuticles were cracking and peeling. My heels have caluses from many years from wearing no shoes, or flip flops. I have tried many different lotions and products and the 3 products I received are actually helping and curing the problem I have been using all 3 at night before I go to bed and in the morning after my shower. My…

Laura Lee says:

Meh… It is impossible to squeeze this hard plastic bottle and expect anything to come out of a tiny opening. I had to take the cover off and pound it against my palm. Worked as well as anything else over time and multiple applications. Then again, I live in the cold, dry heat inside, north. Skin turns to sandpaper in the winter. Nothing special about this one, any heavy salve for dry skin would work.

Sarah J. says:

Works great for my super dry cuticles Love this stuff! I have horrible dry, cracked cuticles. The skin around my nails is always ripping and bleeding. I’ve done research and found that it’s possibly a vitamin defeciency but not quite sure. I do know that I was a little skeptical paying for this bottle because it’s a little more than typical lotion, but I was willing to take my chances with such great reviews. This stuff smells good, and leaves my fingers and cuticles moisturized and feeling refreshed. Will definitely be buying…

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