SAFE HOUSE Premium TV and Furniture Anti-Tip Straps – Baby Safety Kit – Stress Free Mounting Hardware Included

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Why choose us?

PEACE OF MIND- Are you worrying about your toddler or pets when you don’t have your eyes on them?
We’ve been there as well and that’s why we’ve designed the Premium Safety Bundle that includes our Premium Drywall, Wood and Concrete Anchors, which will provide your home with COMPLETE SAFETY.

Forget about worrying and start feeling relaxed!

TOP QUALITY – Not sure about what to look for?
We’ll offer you the heavy-duty metal cam buckles with non-slip jaws grip PLUS the adjustable straps with reinforced stitching.
You can’t go more secure than this!

PERFECT FIT – Not sure if it’s good for your TV?
Our straps are adjustable, so no matter your TV, we’ve got your covered.

Choose SAFE HOUSE today and start protecting your home the right way!

Product Features

  • SUPERIOR VALUE for the Complete TV and Furniture Safety Kit: 2 Adjustable Quality Straps with 2 Heavy Duty Metal Cam Buckles with Non-Slip Jaws Grip + Stress-Free Mounting Hardware Package for any type of wall (drywall, concrete wall, wood stud) and any type of TV
  • PEACE OF MIND: Childproof your home by reducing the risks when your toddler or pet is around a huge unsecured TV or a big cabinet that may tip over. Something bad may happen – even an earthquake! That’s why we’ve included ANCHORS in our UNIQUE SAFETY BUNDLE that hold up to 150 pounds. The DRYWALL TOGGLE ANCHOR gives you the possibility to secure your TV or FURNITURE to the wall with no need of finding a wood stud.
  • GREAT FEATURES: the 45 inch anti-tip safety straps with reinforced stitching are THE LONGEST on the market to fit your 70″ flat screen TV or bigger. The bolts provided fit a wide variety of VESA mounting systems made by different LED TV manufacturers. We offer you extra flat washers to adjust VESA bolts as needed.
  • CONFIDENCE: 3 YEARS WARRANTY for all genuine SAFE HOUSE products.


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