Seventh Generation Baby Diapers, Free and Clear for Sensitive Skin, with Animal Prints, Size 3, 155 Count (Packaging May Vary)

March 10, 2017 - Comment
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Your baby deserves a fresh, clean start each day. And you deserve to know that these safe and effective diapers will help keep your baby’s sensitive skin protected and dry. Seventh Generation diapers have an ultra-absorbent core that prevents leaks and is made with 0% chlorine bleaching, fragrances or lotions. We design our diapers to care for your baby as well as the health of the next seven generations.

Product Features

  • As always, Seventh Generation Free & Clear baby diapers are made for your baby’s sensitive skin; the same great diapers you love now have a new look!
  • The ultra-absorbent, high capacity core of our baby diapers provides premium leak protection to keep your baby’s skin protected and dry.
  • Our diapers are hypoallergenic, free from lotions and fragrances, and the core of our diaper is free from chlorine bleaching.
  • The wood pulp in the core of our diapers is sustainably sourced and FSC certified, helping to protect the world’s forests and the animals who depend on them. FSC C115279
  • The animals featured on our diapers rely on the forests our FSC certified diapers help to protect; the inks we use on our diapers are free from lead and other heavy metals. FSC C115279


Frequent Buyer says:

I used to love these diapers I used to love these diapers, now they changed them…again. now they have pictures printed on them which SUCKS I really liked that they were plain so they looked better under clothes and just generally. But the biggest thing is they are paper thin now. They’ve been holding the pee so thats been good but one little pee and the diaper insides get all clumpy and grosslike. I don’t like the changes. I wish they would go back to how they used to be.

Sexy but Classy says:

So Much Laundry I really wanted to like these and I really wanted them to work. I purchased these diapers because they are cheaper than the Andy Pandy diapers I have been using. Never again. Blowouts and leaks all over the place and often. In a pinch I have used diapers from Whole Foods 365 line. Never had an issue with those either but these have been at least 1 incident a day. By 1pm today I have already experienced two blowouts. I find myself constantly changing diapers. Now my child is only 7 weeks old so…

duxgirl says:

cute, but… I have always bought 7th Gen or Earth’s Best everything for my son. I got the Touch of Cotton ones until, to my dismay, they stopped at size 5. I have to have size 6, so had to change to Earth’s Best Chlorine Free. 

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